Christians Stop Pope’s Muslim Migrant Plan, Use ‘Secret Weapon’ To Wipe Out Radical Islam

Conservative Catholics are rejecting the nutjob leftist’s open border policy, one that Pope Francis is advocating as he encourages countries to take in thousands of unvetted migrants. Instead, many Christian denominations have joined together to ensure that culture and society stay grounded in Christian ideals. Now, they are making their “secret weapon” known and the liberals are freaking out. Don’t miss this.

Pope Francis (left), Muslim migrants storm France’s border (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, YouTube/Screengrab)

Europe is underwater with vast amounts of Muslim migrants as their leftist policies have almost destroyed Christianity in Germany, Spain, France, Poland, and many Scandinavian countries. Conservative Christians in America see the writing on the wall, as many cities in the United States have been “taken over” by the Muslim migrant population.

While America welcomes immigrants, what we do not welcome are radical Islamic terrorists or those who support turning our cities into Sharia-compliant nightmares. In Poland, it has gotten so dangerous, the Poles who are predominantly Catholic have come up with a solution — a secret weapon that the government has no control over.

“Unlike Germany, which believes mass migration from third world countries is the only way to solve their demographic decline, Poland is encouraging couples to make their own citizens by ‘breeding like rabbits,’ with the help of an educational video from the Polish health ministry,” reports Breitbart.

This flies in the face of Pope Francis and is a direct play on his words when he told Catholics to “not breed like rabbits.” Part of the jihad for the Islamic State is to “breed us out” of our own country. It’s no secret. The Pope caused conservative Catholics to become very angry, as the National Catholic Register reports, “[Pope Francis] affirmed the Catholic church’s ban on artificial contraception but derided the idea that ‘in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits’ and produce litters of children.”

Poland is a very conservative Catholic country with a rich history and culture, and they are rejecting the Pope’s leftist ideals. Just like Americans, they do not want to see their Christian culture lost. “Stopping short of a tutorial of baby making, the 30-second video put out by the [Polish] National Health Programme opens with a field of rabbits and closes with a shot of a lovestruck couple enjoying a picnic, with a bunny seen popping out of a picnic basket,” added Breitbart.

Poland’s “do it yourself” approach runs contrary to progressive concepts disseminated by left-wing media, with Time Magazine promoting the “child-free” life and National Geographic suggesting the “New Europeans,” who entered the continent during the 2015 migrant crisis, are the future of Europe.

The picture on National Geographic shows a Muslim family as the “New Europeans,” and the idiot liberals are cheering this, oblivious that if Muslims outbreed them, which all forecasts say they will, they will be living in an Islamic Republic with no rights at all.

Statistics across the rest of Western Europe show similar demographic shifts, with neighboring Austria’s population growing at its highest rate because of mass migration and projections revealing that Sweden’s population could rise by more than a million inhabitants within the next decade due to mass migration and migrant fertility. In the United Kingdom, 75 percent of population growth is due to immigration, with mothers born abroad being responsible for 28 percent of births in 2016 in England and Wales.

Now, conservative Catholics are turning back to “breeding like rabbits” in Poland to save Europe from a take over by the Muslim extremists who are outbreeding them. That is one way to ensure our Christian way of life and culture are not destroyed, and it seems like an easy fix.

While no one would advocate for having 15 kids that you can’t feed, Christians might want to think about placing their trust in God who always blesses new life. Nothing makes the liberals more nuts than Christians having more than 2 kids. Since leftists rarely breed and see children as a burden, I say having more babies is a great way to make them go away for good too.

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