After Christians Amaze Trump With Help For Hurricane Victims, He Drops Truth Bomb On FEMA

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Many Americans who have had to rely on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after a disaster know that help is slow in coming. In the past, FEMA has been horrible in helping Americans, and this time, President Donald Trump isn’t taking any chances. Trump just threatened FEMA with a truth bomb while he announced that Christians and their organizations have been so amazing, they will be getting something they never saw coming. You’ll love this.

President Trump & Melania in Texas during Hurricane Harvey (left), a man rescues a dog during Hurricane Harvey (right) (Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images, Screengrab/ABC News)

Faith-based relief groups are responsible for providing nearly 80 percent of the aid delivered thus far to communities with homes devastated by the recent hurricanes, according to USA Today. An alliance of non-profit organizations called National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD), 75 percent of which are faith based, has helped FEMA distribute relief assistance to communities hit by disasters and assisted families in navigating government aid programs to begin the process of rebuilding.

About 80 percent of all recovery happens because of non-profits, and the majority of them are faith-based,” Greg Forrester, CEO of NVOAD, told USA Today. This didn’t go unnoticed by President Trump who was quite pleased that Christian groups are making the difference. That’s pretty amazing when you consider that FEMA’s sole purpose is to do what these Christian groups are doing all on their own.

“President Donald Trump said on Friday that churches in Texas should be able to receive money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. Trump tweeted: ‘Churches in Texas should be entitled to reimbursement from FEMA Relief Funds for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey (just like others),'” reports The Daily Caller.

“Right now, in the state of Texas, we are going around with FEMA trying to help them select a facility,” Derek Lee, director of disaster response for Adventist Community Services, told USA Today. “It’ll actually be the state’s facility, but it’ll be us that helps them manage it. We are going around with them right now trying to help them pick out a facility that will accommodate what the need is going to be on the ground.”

The fact that FEMA needs these church groups to lead them says it all. FEMA has a bad wrap in the past, so these hurricanes will be a test to see if they can get their act together. Like Ronald Reagan said, The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”

After riots and natural disasters, FEMA is called in, and every time there are problems, big problems. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, WND reported, “Some citizens say FEMA has distributed checks to fix their homes, but bureaucratic hurdles mean relief amounts are determined inconsistently and may be insufficient to cover damage. In some cases, the rebuilding funds are distributed even when reconstruction doesn’t make sense because the destroyed homes are located in high-risk areas.”

FEMA’s bureaucratic red tape is such a mess that states have had to hire consulting firms just to navigate the paperwork, with consultants earning as much as $180 an hour – all of which is billed to American taxpayers. After the LA Riots in 1992, when FEMA stepped in, so did the horror stories. FEMA agents required “kick backs” to settle with business owners who had no income and waited over 18 months for any help.

So, what’s the answer? FEMA will always have some level of corruption because it’s a government run entity. Let’s hope and pray that, under the Trump administration, some of the weasels will be limited to a number of corrupt things they can do. There are those sick people who see disasters as windfalls to bilk people for money.

It happened to my family, so I know firsthand. If it wasn’t for Christians and their organizations, my family would have starved. Make sure your donations are going to good people who really will make a difference, and anything you can give is so appreciated. Our fellow Americans are hurting, let’s make sure they know that they are not alone.

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