‘Ordinary’ Christmas Photo Prompts OUTRAGE Over One Glaring Feature

After going to the photographer for their Christmas photos, a family had a few ideas of their own. However, once the picture was put online for the world to see, well, let’s just say there has been quite a bit of outrage over one glaring feature.

With the Christmas season upon us, it isn’t unusual for families to head down to the nearest photographer to have a few holiday shots taken for the Christmas cards they send out. Although they thought their idea to be rather hysterical, one family hasn’t been too warmly received.

According to The Daily Dot:

The photo depicts a family of five posing together, flanked by evergreen trees. A woman, presumably the mother, and two little girls, presumably the daughters, sit in a row with bright green duct tape covering their mouths and a string of Christmas lights binding their arms. A little boy, presumably a son, stands behind them raising his fist, while a man, presumably the father, kneels and holds a sign, reading “Peace on earth.” The identities of the five individuals are unknown.

The boy isn’t raising his fist, he’s giving a thumbs up, so they didn’t even get the visual description right. As one would imagine, liberal whiners have come forward to say that this promotes the idea that “women should be seen and not heard.” For everyone else, it prompts a good laugh.

 Women Bound And Gagged In Family Photo Prompts Outrage

The picture was taken and posted to social media by a Louisiana-based studio called Hannah Hawkes Photography, but they have since taken down the image. According to the photographer, the picture wasn’t meant to “promote violence against women” and that “it was what the family wanted,” but those seeking to feel offended are saying it’s not funny.

It’s a shame that in today’s day and age everyone has to be conscious of every other person’s feelings on the planet – or so the left would have you believe. This was an innocent and voluntary photo that was the family’s idea, and doesn’t promote anything bad.

It honestly baffles me that so-called “tolerant” progressives will do whatever they can to claim offense and make a person’s life a living hell in order to get what they want. Do you see the hypocrisy here? In order to have a society that accommodates their own beliefs, the left is willing to mess with someone else’s happiness to get it.

Ridiculous, the family was obviously happy with the picture, but in order to launch some false crusade as a needless fight for women’s rights (all because of a joke), they’ve destroyed a woman’s livelihood as the photographer has since removed her Facebook page. Not only that, but other people are swearing off the woman and her work for good.

I swear, the left is as nearsighted as they come. Bigoted morons by their own standard as only their perception of a just society is correct. Completely ridiculous.

(h/t: The Daily Dot)
(Image source: The Daily Dot)

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