Church Portrays Jesus In A Cage With Illegal Immigration-Themed Nativity Scene

Christmas has long been under attack from the armies of secularism, but now the holiday is taking some friendly fire. A Catholic church in Massachusetts has politicized the birth of our Savior with a controversial Nativity scene.

Nativity Scene (Photo Credit: St. Susanna Parish)

In a shot at President Donald Trump that ignores Barack Obama’s immigration policies, this shameful display tries to imagine what the birth of Christ would be if his family had been illegal immigrants sneaking into the United States. In Dedham, Massachusetts, St. Susanna Parish decided to switch things up this year by making Christmas much less festive and way more political.

The Nativity scene in front of the church features the baby Jesus inside a cage, in reference to the false liberal narrative that President Trump caged immigrant children apprehended at the border. The Three Wisemen are separated from the manger by a representation of the US/Mexico border fence with a sign reading: “Deportation.” Hanging over the scene is the question: “Peace on Earth?”

The Huffington Post reports that this travesty was meant to garner sympathy for unchecked illegal immigration and was developed by the parish’s Pax Christi committee.

“We wanted to put a mirror image of the world into the stable,” said parish priest Steve Josoma.

If it is supposed to mirror the illegal immigration problem in this country, they left out all of the fake asylum seekers, murderers, and sexual predators. That wouldn’t be appropriate for a Nativity scene, but neither is putting Jesus in a metal cage.

Josoma said the Nativity scene is an “affirmation of gospel values” and not just an attack on President Donald Trump and his administration. But, he added, some of the administration’s policies are “at odds” with the message of the gospel.

“Soldiers firing tear gas at the border doesn’t seem to be the way to go to bring out healing and reconciliation,” Josoma said.

Just like how those pictures of immigrant children in cages were taken when Obama was president, the use of tear gas on invading migrants at the border was much more prevalent under the previous administration. Why didn’t this church try to show the “reality” of the world when Obama was in charge? He was known as the “Deporter-in-Chief” after all.

Josoma said he has received calls from people accusing him of being “sacrilegious” and even had some parish members quit over the Nativity scene, but he doesn’t care because he’s resisting the freely-elected President of the United States.

“People think children in diapers getting tear-gassed is OK, but this [Nativity scene] is totally sacrilegious? All we’re trying to do is put the two together,” Josoma said.

Show your work, Father, because the math just doesn’t add up. The people who were most recently tear-gassed at the border were throwing rocks and bottles at Border Patrol agents as they tried to illegally breach our border. These were grown men, many with violent criminal histories, and not newborn babies.

Where this all comes from is a liberal lie that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were illegal immigrants, and it’s designed to get people to accept unchecked immigration. A few years ago Rev. Ryan Eller made this preposterous claim:

“Jesus was an undocumented immigrant himself when he fled to Egypt seeking persecution in his day and so the question becomes, would we call Jesus himself illegal if he were, you know, in our modern times?” Ellen asked.

It’s unclear why Jesus was seeking persecution, but that’s not the only problem with this theory. Jesus and his family did flee Nazareth to Egypt to avoid persecution from King Herod, but all of these territories were part of the Roman empire. This would be like someone fleeing the high taxes of California to live in Texas and then claiming to be a refugee. Jesus was never an illegal immigrant, he always lived within the same empire.

Hysterical leftists have the entire year to complain about President Trump for doing the same things Obama did. Maybe they should take Christmas off to enjoy the holiday, be with friends and family, and spread a little joy.

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