Church Orders Some Pizza, Gives Delivery Driver ‘Tip’ He’ll NEVER Forget

Pizza delivery drivers don’t have an easy job, running around in whatever weather in hopes of scraping up a few extra bucks in tip money just to put it back in the gas tank. However, when one Alaskan driver was recently called out to a church and lured inside, he was left completely shocked after they gave him a ‘tip’ he won’t likely ever forget.

The plan was hatched by Pastor Dan Krause of the Chugach Covenant Church out of Anchorage. He intended to give a pizza delivery driver the biggest tip of his life and was deploying the help of his congregation and the public to do so. It seems he got the idea from a similar instance, where a church in Ohio gave a delivery driver $1000 – but Pastor Dan wanted to up the ante.


“We had the opportunity to bless somebody who had no idea,” he later explained. “We talked to a manager at a local pizza place who told us about an employee who has had some financial hardships due to some medical issues he’s facing, and we decided, what a great opportunity as a church to bless somebody for no other reason than to bless them.”

That’s where 53-year-old Kenneth Felber – a 10-year pizza delivery driver veteran – comes into play. Although he didn’t want to delve into the details of his medical condition, he was clearly in need of both a little financial assistance and an emotional pick-me-up as well.

According to KTUU, Kenneth was called to the Begich Middle School, where the Chugach Covenant Church comes together, after an order for pizza had been placed. After luring the driver inside, he was brought onto the stage as the crowd rose to their feet and gave him quite the ovation.

Pastor Dan Krause (middle) handing $1,900 to Kenneth Felber

At that time, Pastor Dan asked Kenneth what was the largest tip he ever received, prompting Kenneth to say that he once was given $100. A bit perplexed by the question, it all became clear as Dan next handed the man a check along with a wad of money while asking, “How does a tip of $1,900 sound?”

“We don’t have a lot of really wealthy people, what we have is really generous people,” Pastor Dan explained. “People who recognize they’ve been given a lot and they want to give back some. While I was hoping for $1,000, our congregation put together $1,900 without even knowing this was going to come.”

As one would imagine, Kenneth was just about blown away by the gesture. He says the money will help immensely, but it’s just great to know there are people out there that still care. “Biggest tip ever,” he said. “I’m just going to be glowing the rest of the day, the rest of the week.”

God certainly does work in mysterious ways – sometimes, it’s just through our fellow-man. Who knows how much this will actually help Kenneth pertaining to the seriousness or complexity of his illness, but I’m sure it’s a welcomed gift.

(h/t: KTUU)
(Image source: KTUU)

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