Church Puts Up Racist Sign, Someone Comes Along & Gives It An Epic Correction

A racist sign outside of a church got a bit of a makeover. While some are calling it vandalism, others would say it’s the epic correction that it needed.

A church in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, became the victim of “vandalism” when someone decided to show parishioners what they thought of their “Black Lives Matter” banner. Following a Black Lives Matter vigil in the neighborhood, concerned residents woke the next morning to find that the ground-level banner displayed at Hope Central Church had received what I would call a much-needed alteration.

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As seen in the image above, the word “black” was painted over with a beautiful shade of blue, hinting that police lives matter. Unfortunately, a second sign, posted higher on the church building, didn’t get the same epic overhaul.

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The vigil held the night before was outside the First Baptist Church, where a “Black Lives Matter” banner was ripped down three times last year, the Boston Globe reports. Unfortunately, the church replaced the previous banner with a new one, which has not been reported as “vandalized.” Monthly Black Lives Matter vigils have been held outside First Baptist, with the most recent being the third of its kind.

There have been several other cases of “vandalism” reported involving “Black Lives Matter” signs, where the word “black” has been painted over, scribbled out, or placed by the word “all.” However, Jamaica Plain’s nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church’s “Black Lives Matter” banner (below) was untouched during the recent “vandalism.”


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“It’s just proof again that we need people to stand up and stand out and kind of reclaim the space for black lives,” Ann Philbin, vigil organizer, whined to the Metro. Philbin also states the community will likely hold an event in response to the incident.

Philbin proved herself a race-baiter and divider when asked to respond to “All Lives Matter,” stating the notion “misses the point the BLM is trying to make about race in America.” Of course, she didn’t miss the opportunity to throw out the BLM catchphrase and myth “white privilege.”

“When I personally hear someone say ‘All Lives Matter,’ I feel like that person is either ignorant or in denial about white privilege in our society — acting as if our lives all start in equal places and as if our lives are valued equally, and they’re not.”

“It’s so dismaying, especially in JP (Jamaica Plain),” resident Margaret Zamos-Monteith, who tweeted a photo of the banner Thursday morning, said. “You think this is a progressive neighborhood, that this is a place where people do care about and get the cause.”

There’s the problem. This new liberal “progressivism” isn’t what they think it is. The progressives are the ones dividing the citizens of our nation into an “us versus them” mentality by propagating misguided and misinformed movements such as “Black Lives Matter,” which was founded on a lie.

To call the correction of these signs “vandalism” is beyond ridiculous, because their existence is ridiculous to begin with. BLM is a racially divisive, hate movement. It has only created chaos, discord, and damage in its wake. It’s done nothing to progress the black community, and it never will because its entire premise is racist and wrong.

Furthermore, their anti-cop mantra in a community already untrusting of law enforcement is harmful to the very people they claim to be “helping.” Destroying relations between the black community and law enforcement, which is exactly what the BLM is doing, is a disastrous move in an already volatile situation.

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BLM is a movement of hatred and is fueled by lies, and it will not solve any of problems within the black community. The most destructive force against African-Americans today is the race-baiters like BLM, who have been too long allowed to spread their false narrative, turning blacks against whites and police. It’s time for these banners to come down, along with the racist rhetoric they represent.

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