Cindy McCain: Trump‘s GOP Isn’t ‘Party Of Lincoln & Reagan,’ Gets Smackdown

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Cindy McCain is once again trashing President Donald Trump. The wife of the late Senator John McCain gave an interview this week where she claimed that the Republican Party under Trump has strayed from their values. “This party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln – that I’ve seen anyway – nor the party of Ronald Reagan,” she said. Well, poor Cindy didn’t know what hit her as Americans gave her a proper smackdown. Don’t miss it.

President Donald Trump and Cindy McCain (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

It looks like the McCain family is still upset over their publicized riff with President Trump. The president learned early on when running for the Oval Office that Senator John McCain, who was notorious as a neo-con and globalist, would do everything he could to stop him from winning the election.

McCain should have apologized to Americans for his role in helping the deep state perpetrate the Russia hoax. But McCain was proud of his role in obtaining the fake Steele dossier. He said so in his last book called The Restless Wave. The truth is he was a deep state insider who was on board with making sure an outsider like Trump never got to the Oval Office.

The last straw for most Americans was when McCain infamously told the Trump administration along with his constituents that he would vote “Yes” to abolish and replace Obamacare. His thumbs down on the Senate floor was a real “screw-you” meant for Trump, however, blinded by his enormous ego and jealousy all he did was give a real “screw-you” to the entire nation.

Then, we had the endless memorials when John McCain died.

The McCain family carried on the senator’s vile venom directed at the president, who showed true class by doing everything they wanted for his many funerals. Trump wasn’t formally invited, and neither was his Veep running mate Sarah Palin. Daughter Meghan McCain used his eulogy to trash Trump.

“The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great,” Meghan said at the August 2018 funeral. Now, here comes Cindy McCain to bash the president once again.

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Cindy McCain said under the leadership of President Donald Trump the country was “not well.” Jonathan Karl asked, “Are you surprised at the way the Republican Party has basically marched lockstep with President Trump?”

McCain said, “I’m surprised at a lot of things. This party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln that I have seen, nor the party of Ronald Reagan. We’re the ones who should be nonpartisan. We’re the ones who should be working for the good of all.”

She added, “Our country is not well right now. We’re not. You know, we need to get our act together number one and step back and take a breath. You know, this country’s made up of immigrants, we’re made up of people of every color, every creed, and that’s what makes us special. To somehow side up black and white, brown and white, or whatever it may be, it’s just wrong. It’s not who we are.”

Wow, since when are the McCains from Arizona, a noted border state, for illegal immigration?

Make no mistake that is what Cindy McCain is saying when she lauds the fact “this country’s made up of immigrants.” Sure, we all know that. Yet, does she really think Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan would be cheering for 100,000-500,000 illegals a month breaking the law and invading our nation?

Well, Americans weighed in and made sure Cindy knows she is the one who is out of touch. 

Cindy McCain! Don’t call the Rep party a non-partisan party of Regan, Lincoln. JUST REMEMBER YOUR HUSBAND IS THE ONE WHO WALKED ON THE FLOOR ‘THE LAST ONE TO SHOW EVERYONE HIS THUMBS DOWN’ & KILLED A VOTE HE KNEW HE DIDN’T WANT @realDonaldTrump TO GET CREDIT FOR!” tweeted Debbie Biernstein.

“CNN host asking Cindy McCain why President Trump couldn’t be more like John McCain when handling controversial topics on the campaign trail. Because Trump wanted to WIN. Ask her If John McCain had been more like Trump, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten beat by a rookie,” tweeted radio host Mark Simone.

#thisweek Bringing Cindy McCain on reminds us how much John McCain was a traitor to the Republican party. She sounds like one of the Socialist Democrats attacking President Trump,” tweeted Don Barrows.

“Who is tired of the McCain family. All they do is attack Republicans. Are you tired of it?” tweeted Paris Wade.

Cindy McCain somehow thinks she needs to carry the torch of her dead husband and continue to trash President Trump as someone who does not reflect the Republican Party.

What has Trump done that would not be aligned with the Republican Party? Well, poor Cindy can’t really say. All she can conjure is something about “civility” which sounds like she is confusing hardcore politics with a garden party.

Cindy McCain was never really a bright bulb. Americans are much better off today than four years ago, so whatever President Trump is reflecting or not, we are really grateful he wasn’t deterred by the likes of Cindy McCain or her RINO family, who continue to stir up non-issues from their comfy home in Arizona.

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