Citizens SICK Of Muslims, Hatch GENIUS Plan To Get Rid Of Them FOREVER

With many growing sick of what can only be described as an Islamic invasion at this point, some have begun trying to come up with new ideas to put an end to the problem. At least one idea has actually become a recent reality, with hundreds of participants warding off the Muslim opportunists – hopefully for good.

The idea was put into place in Germany, along the border it shares with the Czech Republic. According to reports, the anti-Islamic group known as PEGIDA — Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West – recruited hundreds of people to come together to both make a political stand and help deter so-called “refugees” from storming their border.

As Germany is taking in Muslims flooding out of the Middle East on account of what their own religion is doing to the area, native citizens of the country are a bit more than irritated at the moment. With the nation seeing a spike in violence, rape, and overall barbarity, it’s no wonder that people are actually getting up and doing something about it.

Since complaining about it has done nothing to change liberals’ minds when it comes to letting in “refugees,” frustrated citizens recently traveled to the border, linked arms, and made a virtual impenetrable border that the Muslims couldn’t simply ignore. Proving the point that much of Europe is sick of the Islamic infiltration, the group was joined by citizens of the Czech Republic as well, who also linked arms with them.


Reports indicate that Germany is set to take in about 1.5 million “refugees” by the year’s end, and that will only continue after the new year. There is currently no information suggesting that this man-made wall was able to stop any Muslims from illegally entering their country.

That being said, it seems that their point was made and loudly heard. People don’t want the filth of the world leaking out of the wastelands they created with their sickening ideology and contaminating other portions of the free world. There’s a reason that the Middle East is and has been locked in a warlike state for centuries, and the answer is rather simple – Islam.

As the uncivilized religion is already having an impact on Western nations, it’s clear that nothing good comes from what is currently happening. Honestly, it’s a shame that citizens have to band together by the masses to do what is necessary because their government simply won’t do it. What happened to doing what was best for the country and it’s people?

(h/t: The Gateway Pundit)
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