Cleveland Thug Attacks Woman Before Charging At Cops, Gets Instant Brutal Justice

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A shocking video has emerged of a violent thug who attacked a woman before charging at police officers. Now, the clip has gone viral after the punk got the dose of instant brutal justice that he truly deserved.

Screenshot from the video footage (Photo Credit: YouTube/Police Activity)

According to local news source WJW, the incident took place in East Cleveland, Ohio, at approximately 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 16, 2018. The East Cleveland Police Department decided to release the graphic footage of the incident, which took place on Beersford Road after a suspect attacked a woman and then fired shots into the air with a firearm.

When two officers arrived to handle the situation, things took a serious turn for the worse and proved once again that criminals are pretty stupid individuals.

According to police, the woman who was assaulted by the suspect didn’t even know him. Luckily, the officers responded to the scene immediately after hearing the gunshots ring out as they stood in the police department’s back parking lot, which wasn’t far from the scene of the crime.

Little did the cops know, the punk they were about to encounter was psychotic and extremely violent. Nevertheless, the men in blue stepped up to protect innocent lives and did what they had to do.

When the officers arrived, they discovered the male suspect beating the female victim in the middle of the road, according to local news source WEWS. The thug immediately threw his shirt at one of the approaching patrol vehicles as his victim laid on the ground. The first officer who engaged the suspect was ready for the thug when he charged at him all of a sudden.

In a flash, the officer drew his firearm and demanded that the suspect stop immediately. When it was obvious that the thug wasn’t going to comply, the officer shot him in the abdomen, sending him stumbling backward. With a little more distance between himself and the now bleeding suspect, the officer regained his footing as the suspect lunged at a second officer and made contact, knocking him backward.

As the clip continues, the suspect can be seen punching the officer in the face as both men fall to the ground. That’s when the punk got a harsh reality check as a swarm of fed-up officers dog-piled on him and took him into custody using whatever force was necessary.

The graphic body cam footage below shows the suspect getting taken down by police after he was shot.

The fact that the suspect continued to fight with officers after he was shot would lead one to believe that he was on some kind of narcotics. As the officers tried to get control of the suspect, they yelled, “Give us your f *cking hands!”

Another officer yelled, “There’s a gun,” just before the video ended. The suspect was disarmed and taken into custody before he was transported to a local hospital. The female victim who was rescued by the police was also taken to a nearby hospital and listed in critical condition. The woman told investigators that she was simply walking down the street when the psychotic thug randomly attacked her without provocation.

Two of the officers who helped take the suspect down were injured in the altercation. One officer reportedly suffered a fractured hand while the other officer sustained a fracture to his orbital bone around his eye socket. The injured officers were both treated and released from the hospital and the investigators are continuing to look into the incident.

This suspect got exactly what he deserved for his criminal behavior, and the video is a crucial reminder to all of us that our law enforcement community works hard to protect innocent people at their own risk. Hopefully, the thug in the video will be handed a sentence that sees him put away for years. The next time you see an officer in passing, be sure to thank them for dealing with creeps like this so that you don’t have to.

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