Bad News for Climate Alarmists, New Report Torches Major Claim

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Climate alarmists have been making wild claims about our planet for years. Their end goal has always been to exploit the issue for their own gain. But a new extensive study has blown apart one of their top claims. In fact, what they’ve been saying is the opposite of what’s really going on.

For years, activists have been making wild claims about the environment. A new study destroys them. (Photo Credit: Takver/Flickr)

Is there anyone more out-of-touch than an environmentalist? Sure, most people want a clean planet. We don’t like pollution, and we want our technology to help the earth, not hurt it. But environmentalists take this to a whole new level.

Environmentalists care more about the earth than human life. Their demands are so radical, it will send most nations back into the dark ages. They want more than just recycling centers and clean-burning cars. Their radical regulations in government would cripple entire industries, destroy our energy production, and hamper innovation for decades to come.

What’s worse, the harsh demands of climate alarmists prevent third-world nations from climbing out of poverty. Al Gore and his goons have tried to prevent countries in Africa from harvesting their rich deposits of oil. They have demanded they rely on solar power instead. Preventing them from enjoying the same resources as Western nations, over the bogus excuse of climate change, ensures that millions of people stay in harsh conditions.

But at least climate alarmists can pat themselves on the back.

In order to push their extreme, radical agenda, climate alarmists have for years made wild claims about the earth. Some have said the icebergs are melting and that the world would be flooded. They’ve said we’d reach the point of no return in 2005, 2010, and 2015. What do you know, we’re still here!

Another major claim was that cruel and evil logging companies have decimated the earth’s forests. A lack of trees would lead to catastrophic death and devastation.

Except, since 1982, the earth has been gaining more trees.

According to a new study published in Nature, in the roughly quarter century between 1982 and 2016, global tree canopy cover increased by 865,000 square miles…

The greatest increase in tree canopy occurred in Europe, including European Russia, where it exploded by 35%. A close second was found in China, where tree canopy gained 34%. In the U.S., tree canopy increased by 15%.

Bailey notes, “These new findings contradict earlier studies that reported a continuing net loss of forest cover. … For example, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015 reported, ‘In 1990 the world had 4,128 million [hectares] of forest; by 2015 this area had decreased to 3,999 million ha. This is a change from 31.6 percent of global land area in 1990 to 30.6 percent in 2015.’” [Source: Daily Wire]

According to Nature’s study, the world gained 2.24 million square kilometers of forest since 1982.

Climate alarmists have pushed the narrative that forests are disappearing. Evil logging companies have been chopping down trees, with no end in sight. They claim that the loss of trees will lead to land erosion, flooding, and an increase in “greenhouse” gases.

Except the facts prove otherwise. We’ve been gaining more trees over the last thirty years. That means all that erosion and flooding never happened. A major argument by the environmentalist community was completely made up.

This is no surprise. Environmentalism has always been about hampering private industry. Environmentalists are socialists. They use the issue of climate change to push greater government control over businesses and private citizens. They don’t want you to own your own land, start a business, or acquire wealth. They’d rather have the government run everything.

So, they’ve concocted a fantasy that private industries are destroying the very resources they need to succeed. It’s all to convince the corrupt governments of the world to expand their control over our lives.

But now we see one of their major predictions was an utter lie. I wonder how many environmentalists will celebrate this news. They wanted more trees, after all. Wouldn’t this report be a big deal in their community? Considering it shatters their agenda, probably not.