Clint Eastwood Defies Hollywood’s Georgia Boycott With Bold Move, You’ll Love It

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Clint Eastwood is no Hollywood leftist. In fact, the 89-year-old living legend just defied Tinsel Town’s boycott of Georgia by making a bold move that must be really pissing them off. He even got actors who signed the boycott to go against it. You’ll love this.

Clint Eastwood (Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Alyssa Milano, the D-list actress who is infamous as a serial Trump-hater, must be furious. Despite all her work to obtain numerous A-list Hollywood stars to sign on to her Georgia boycott, Clint Eastwood just defied the boycott and will be making his new movie in Georgia. But that’s not all.

Dozens of Hollywood actors and production companies vowed to bow out of Georgia after it passed a “heartbeat” abortion ban, but Clint Eastwood doesn’t care. Not only does he not care, but Eastwood’s starring roles in the new movie called The Ballad of Richard Jewell went to Olivia Wilde and Jon Hamm, who signed Milano’s boycott.

They’d rather defy Milano than Eastwood. They pretend to be socialists, but they are really capitalists when it comes right down to it. 

Ashley Bratcher, star of the pro-life film Unplanned, says that’s a good sign.

“I think people like Clint Eastwood coming to Georgia and filming are an excellent example of ignoring controversy and saying, ‘We can disagree with people and still be among them,’” she said over the phone.

“Bratcher, herself a Georgia resident, has expressed her disdain for the Hollywood boycott of Georgia before. After Alyssa Milano gathered other pro-choice actors to sign a letter opposing the state’s abortion ban, which was signed into law last month, Bratcher responded with a letter of her own,” reported the Washington Examiner. 

“Mother to mother, actress to actress, and as a proud Georgian, I’ve got some things to say to you,” she wrote in an open letter to Milano. “Hollywood may be silent on women’s rights but Georgia, the new home of the movie industry, is making its voice heard loud and clear. I’m incredibly proud of my home state for taking a stand in the fight for life amidst backlash and dubious threats.”

On the phone, Bratcher says she never heard from Milano afterward, but she hopes that other pro-choice celebrities will be willing to engage.

“That’s part of why we did Unplanned,” she said. “We wanted to open up the debate.”

Ironically, the subject of Eastwood’s film is an act of domestic terrorism committed by an anti-abortion fanatic from whom all real pro-life activists are quick to distance themselves.

The Ballad of Richard Jewell tells the true story of a security guard who saved thousands of lives during the 1996 Summer Olympics. Police at first blamed Jewell for the attack, though it was later found to have been committed by Eric Rudolph, an anti-gay, anti-abortion lunatic responsible for a series of hate crimes in the mid-1990s.

Americans were quick to weigh in with much gratitude and thanks to Clint for doing the right thing.

“To all the Twitersphere: take note, this is what a REAL man looks like…..Clint Eastwood– Still making great movies wherever he wants…capice? Try thinking for yourselves for a change, all you politically correct LEMMINGS!! GO CLINT! GO GEORGIA!” tweeted “Denise.”

“I’ve always liked the way he thinks. Here comes Clint Eastwood To GEORGIA!!!! STEP ASIDE LIBERALS!” tweeted Dr. Kim Kraemer.

Surely, pro-choice advocates would support The Ballad of Richard Jewell filming in Georgia, as we can all condemn the hatred that inspired Rudolph’s crimes. It may not matter either way, though. The Hollywood-Georgia boycott, so far, has had much bluster and little follow-through.

Now, even Eastwood’s actors are ignoring it. 

To stars and production companies joining the boycott scare, though, Bratcher advises a different approach. “If you’re trying to prove your point, then love and engagement is the way to do it,” Bratcher said. “You need to sit down and have a conversation with people.”

It also proves the Hollywood crowd may talk a good game, but when it comes to their own incomes, they will be the first to cross the proverbial picket line.

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