Clinton Body Count Grows, JFK Jr’s Mysterious Death Linked To Hillary’s Big Win

Although it sounds like a huge conspiracy theory to say former President John Kennedy’s son died under mysterious circumstances, directly affecting the launch of Hillary Clinton’s political career, that is exactly what happened. Explosive information is linking the two events, shockingly proving that the former president’s son was the one person who could have stopped Hillary from ever having a career in politics.

Hillary Clinton & John Kennedy, Jr. (left), Plane crash stock photo (right)

To understand how the mysterious death of John Kennedy Jr. and Hillary Clinton’s political career are linked, we must go back to Hillary’s plan to have her own political career. Hillary was hell-bent on becoming a politician, and anyone who stood in her way would be dealt with.

To launch a political career that would take her to the White House, Hillary knew, as did her closest advisors, that the first step is to become a powerful senator or governor. She chose New York and took up residence there for the sole purpose of running for the coveted senate seat.

In 1999, Hillary’s plans were decimated when, about the same time as she was making her plans, John Kennedy Jr. said he was thinking of getting into politics. John Kenndy Jr., the only son of President John F. Kenndy, was actually raised in New York, and it really was his home state.

There was only one open senate seat coming up, and Hillary’s whole political career was banked on winning the seat of retiring Senator Daniel Moynihan. According to the Daily News, in an article from 1999, following John Kennedy Jr.’s death:

A private poll in 1997 found that John F. Kennedy Jr. was by far the state’s most popular Democrat, and two friends said yesterday they believed he would have run for office some day. Earlier this year, in one of the best-kept secrets in state politics, Kennedy considered seeking the seat of retiring Sen. Daniel Moynihan (D-N.Y.)

It is no secret that the Clintons have connections everywhere, so there is no doubt this information about JFK’s son running for that senate seat must have gotten back to Hillary and sent her into a tailspin. Her move to New York to establish residency so she could run for that coveted powerful senate seat was over if John Kennedy Jr. got into that race.

Most everyone knows about John Kennedy Jr.’s plane crash on July 16th, 1999. However, most people don’t know that Bill Clinton oversaw the recovery of the crash site. Because Kennedy was so high profile, the investigation into why that plane crashed brought out a lot of discrepancies, with many aviation experts claiming possible foul play.

An article in the Chicago Tribune proves Bill Clinton was intimately involved in recovering the plane crash, which would put him in the perfect position to enact a cover-up:

President Clinton, who will attend the Kennedy service with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, on Wednesday defended the resources that were committed to the rescue and recovery efforts after Kennedy’s plane crashed Friday night on a flight from New Jersey to Martha’s Vineyard.

“If anyone believes that was wrong, the Coast Guard is not at fault, I am,” Clinton said. “It was because I thought it was the right thing to do under the circumstances.” [via Chicago Tribune]

So, John Kennedy Jr. conveniently dies in a horrible plane crash that has experts baffled over what exactly went wrong. Kennedy was piloting a single-engine Piper Saratoga, and even reporter Steve Sbraccia, who was first on the scene, stated:

“I’ve always felt there was something wrong about that crash…from the way the police swept through that beach forcing everyone off to the way they kept the wreck site closely guarded until they pulled up every bit of debris.”

John Kennedy Jr. & wife Caroline with Bill Clinton (left), Hillary went on to win the NY senate in 2000.

Steve Sbraccia is a well-known reporter for CBS  and is no conspiracy theorist, but he said he had encountered an enigmatic reporter from the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette, who claimed to have seen an explosion in the air and then seemingly vanished from the face of the earth.

Sbraccia reiterated, “I can swear in court that man was real and I reported exactly what he told me he saw.” Sbraccia was on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard close the crash site, and he stands by his initial report that there was an explosion in the air, which contradicts the official findings on the crash.

Knowing the Clintons history and all the evidence that points to their involvement in other deaths, it is not such a stretch to believe that Hillary needed Kennedy dead. Kennedy would have been the darling of the Democratic Party, and he would have become president, easily leaving no room for Hillary. Instead, he ended up dead, like so many others in Hillary’s way.

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