Clooney HUMILIATES Self With 1 Line On Trump, Badass Vet Twists The Knife

It’s always funny when celebrities get involved with politics as they often end up exposing just how little they know. Proving just that was famed actor George Clooney who recently humiliated himself with just one sentence on Donald Trump – and a badass veteran made the situation even better when he stepped in to twist the knife.

Clooney HUMILIATES Self With 1 Line On Trump, Badass Vet Twists The Knife
George Clooney has made a habit of embarrassing himself.

As most of America is well aware, Meryl Streep recently opened her fat, entitled mouth at the Golden Globes to chastise Trump on something that wasn’t even remotely accurate. However, she is still receiving praise for the inflammatory remarks and, worse yet, she is even being joined by her fellow celebrities in her ignorance.

George Clooney decided to try to steal some of Streep’s spotlight since he apparently wasn’t quite done embarrassing himself after his previous “there’s not going to be a President Trump” declaration, as seen in the video below.

This time, Clooney took to addressing Trump’s rightful retaliation against Streep’s remarks by asking, “Aren’t you supposed to be running the country?” Of course, it only takes half a brain cell to see exactly what’s wrong with such a ridiculous question. Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet, so no, he’s not supposed to be running the country, unfortunately.

Clooney was shamed even further as a badass veteran decided to dish out a few words of his own. Focusing on Streep’s initial remarks, a former soldier named J.R. Salzman took off his gloves and started swinging with a single line of his own. Having lost a hand and a few fingers while serving our country, as depicted in a photo shared with his sentiments as well, Salzman simply wrote, “I too hope to one day be as courageous and selfless as Meryl Streep.”

As one would imagine, it wasn’t long before those on social media started singing the man’s praises:

Celebrities need to realize that people in this country don’t care about them as much as they would like to think. In all reality, the only thing they’re meant to do is entertain – not offer their opinions and most certainly not try to sway public opinion. After all, in the end, they don’t know any better than the American people, and worse yet, they’re more disconnected from the needs and desires of the average American than they could ever imagine.

Perhaps the rich brats of society should stick to what their good at – entertaining. A little more dancing and a little less talking would benefit just about everyone, themselves included, at the current moment. If they don’t like that idea, well, they can just shut their traps. They can either do that or have a badass veteran like Salzman involuntarily stuff their feet into their own mouths.

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