Clooney Vows to Fundraise to Make Trump a ‘One-Term President,’ Instantly Regrets It

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George Clooney has been quite vocal about his hatred of President Donald Trump. Now, the 58-year-old celebrity is hellbent on making sure the president doesn’t get re-elected. “I’ll fundraise for anybody that is out there that’s interested in trying to make this president a one-term president,” said Clooney. Well, instantly he regretted it. You’ll love this.

George Clooney and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

George Clooney is another hardcore leftist celebrity who is fixated on President Trump as the worst thing that ever happened to America. Known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, the sufferer has absorbed so much fake news that they actually believe the lies spewed by CNN and MSNBC and other leftist outlets.

Clooney’s got two very fixed delusions: climate change is going to kill us all in the near future and President Trump is killing us all because he is a “climate denier.” That’s why the Hollywood actor made it clear over the last week he will use his star power and his millions to defeat Trump in 2020.

“I’m going to stay out of the primaries, [but] I’ll fundraise for anybody that is out there that’s interested in trying to make this president a one-term president,” Clooney told Variety at the premiere of his new Hulu series Catch-22.

“I feel like part of the lessons you learn as you get older is it’s probably best not to commit in a primary, now,” the Oceans Eleven star said. “At this point in the primary … we have to kind of see who ends up being the nominee so that you can really support them in the general and I think that’s a better move.”

Though Clooney believes that Trump can be beaten because “the narrow edge he took to get there in 2016 has all gone,” he expressed concerns that a third-party run by former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz could split the Democratic vote and swing the election to Trump.

“We just have to not have third-party candidates like Howard Schultz,” he said, noting that in the 2000 election “Ralph Nader took out Al Gore [when] he took out thousands of votes out of Florida and Gore lost by 400. Those have consequences, those kinds of moves.”

But that’s not all. On Tuesday, Clooney released this ridiculous parody about Trump and climate change. “Tragically, the volumes of invaluable knowledge gathered over centuries are now treated by an epidemic of dumb f*cking idiots saying dumb sh*t,” George Clooney said. The screen over Clooney’s shoulder also showed White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Fox News host Tucker Carlson talking about climate change.

“‘Dumbf*ckery’ is very dangerous, infecting the minds of even the most stable geniuses,” George Clooney continued just as the camera panned over to a clip of President Trump joking about windmills and climate change. Well, so are idiots who claim climate change is going to end the world in 12 years.

In fact, this mass hysteria over global warming is based on a bunch of hacks at the United Nations, and no, it is not “settled science” as many other reputable scientists have attested to like those at the Heartland Institute, as Forbes Magazine reported. 

Joy Behar, the Trump-hating shrew from the talk show The View is another climate change hack who is so rich and out-of-touch with real Americans, she says it’s her number one issue when voting for president. Well, George Clooney and the rest of those Hollywood imbeciles screaming about global warming and using their dollars to get rid of Trump had a rude awakening.

“Problem is, no one on the Democratic roster can make @realDonaldTrump a one-term president. So I hope Clooney spends a lot of his ridiculous wealth. He acts; he’s not a brain surgeon,” tweeted “Lowdown Central.”

“Seems like George Clooney doesn’t remember 2016 when @HillaryClinton outspent @POTUS & still lost. Hollywood elites are out of touch w/everyday Americans whose lives have improved under this admin.’s policies,” tweeted “Conservative Mom.”

“George who? He needs to sit in a corner with that Bob guy. They really think they are important. Well, let me tell them they are one vote strong as I am one vote strong. There are a lot more of me in this world then there are of them! So bring it on. MAGA!” tweeted “Peggy.”

After Trump won in 2016, George Clooney moved out of the United States and went to Italy. However, something strange happened to him while there. Migrants from the Middle East inundated Italy to the point where Clooney was freaking out about the safety of his family. So he came back to the good ole USA.

The pompous actor seems to forget that when he opens his big mouth to trash President Trump. Let Clooney knock himself out. Just like in 2016, the arrogant actor dismissed Trump’s chances of winning, saying, “That’s not going to happen.” Well, not only did it happen, but it will once again.

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