Clooneys Trash Trump As ‘Murderer’ & Say They Aren’t ‘Hollywood Elites,’ Regret It

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The Clooneys are bashing President Donald Trump with Amal claiming he gives autocratic regimes the “green light” to torture and murder journalists by labeling them the “enemy of the people.” They have been vicious critics of the 45th president with George saying he and his wife aren’t part of the “Hollywood elite.” He also said Trump will be remembered for “jokes, insults, and reality show frenzy.” Well, the Clooneys got a nasty surprise and are regretting their remarks.

President Donald Trump (left), George & Amal Clooney (right) (Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Speaking before the United Nations Correspondents Association Awards in New York, Amal Clooney claimed members of the media are “under attack” in countries such as North Korea, Hungary, and Turkey, Vanity Fair reports.

“The U.S. President has given such regimes a green light and labeled the press in this country the ‘enemy of the people,’” Amal Clooney said. “And of course two months ago a Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, walked into a consulate in Istanbul and was brutally tortured to death.”

So, President Trump is somehow responsible for the 1,000-year-old reign of terror in the Middle East? The leftist Hollywood crowd is delusional.

Breitbart reports, Amal “Clooney, a frequent critic of the Trump administration, has previously criticized the president’s passionate defensive against partisan media coverage. As part of Vanderbilt University’s 2017 commencement activities, Clooney urged students to be brave in the face of purported attacks on the free press from the White House.”

Amal blubbered on, reciting a bunch of drivel she promotes at the expense of our president, who is the one man trying to protect American interests. “At a time when the LGBT community in every continent struggles for equal rights, freedom from imprisonment and even death, we need courage,” she said.

“At a time when more journalists are in prison around the world than at any time in the last three decades, and even here at home the media is under attack from the White House, we need courage. And at a time when our politicians try to conflate the terms refugee and terrorist and make us fear one another, we need courage,” said Amal.

Well, it’s easy for Mrs. George Clooney to say that big bad Trump is “conflating the terms refugee and terrorist.” She lives behind cement walls and has a security detail. In fact, the hypocrites, George and Amal, moved back to Los Angeles after they feared the horde of Muslim migrants at their England Estate, Breitbart reported.

“When you call an entire religion your enemy, you might very well make an enemy out of an entire religion. When you tell a whole race of people that you value them less, you can’t be surprised when they question your values. When you tell women that coming forward to testify about their abuse is a joke, don’t be shocked when they’re standing on your lawn, laughing on Nov. 7,” George Clooney said, right before the midterm elections.

Yes, his comments didn’t age well. We bet the Clooneys and their fans weren’t laughing after the blue wave never materialized. He also claimed there is no such thing as the Hollywood elite. “People in Hollywood, for the most part, are people from the Midwest who moved to Hollywood to have a career. So this idea of ‘coastal elites’ living in a bubble is ridiculous,” said George.

Well, Americans aren’t happy with the Hollywood couple. Twitter user “Lynnie” responded by posting, “Sorry but that is taking it a bit too far. He [Trump] is NOT responsible for the behavior and FAKE NEWS they are reporting nor does our President wish torture or death on any journalist. Geeshhh she isn’t even an American citizen is she? She needs to stay out of politics.”

Twitter user “MikeThe Fan1” posted to Amal, “What? Are you for real? Journalists go missing or die all over the world from countries or face danger. It has nothing to do with our POTUS. Get a dog or something in your life.”

Melinda Lloyd made sure the Clooneys got her message by tweeting, “Seriously?? Trump is responsible?? The foreign monsters have been pillaging and raping for centuries. Get a grip.” This is exactly our point too, and if this was Barack Obama, the Hollywood crowd wouldn’t say a word.

Then, there is “Liberal Logic,” who tweeted, “There’s nothing worse than celebrities attempting to discuss real-life issues, none of which affect or reach them in the bubbles in which they live.”

The Clooneys are finding out that middle-class Americans don’t see them as part of flyover country. And, when they trash our president, they are trashing those of us who voted for him.

We watched for eight long years as the Hollywood elites lavished praise on the Obamas. They partied with them at the White House, while the rest of the country couldn’t get a job. Now, just as Trump is fighting to make America great again, they spew nonsense. George and Amal Clooney have nothing to say that we want to hear.

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