CNN’s Acosta Caught Redhanded Misquoting Trump’s Speech, Instantly Regrets It

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CNN’s Jim Acosta was caught redhanded spreading fake news yesterday. The White House correspondent misquoted a portion of President Donald Trump’s speech on immigration he gave in the Rose Garden. Acosta was spreading the notion that Trump is a racist, and instantly he was made to regret it. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta (Photo Credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images, MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

What do we expect from fake news CNN and their biggest clown, Jim Acosta? That possibly after constantly spreading fake news these guys would give it a break? Well, it appears that Acosta just can’t help himself.

On Thursday afternoon, Acosta misquoted a portion of President Donald Trump’s immigration speech and was quickly met with a fact-check by a Breitbart News reporter.

“Speaking in the Rose Garden, President Donald Trump unveiled immigration reform proposals aimed at increasing the quota for skilled workers. During his remarks, the president assailed some asylum seekers’ abuses of the country’s immigration system,” Breitbart reported.

“Our nation has a proud history of affording protection to those fleeing government persecutions. Unfortunately, legitimate asylum seekers are being displaced by those lodging frivolous claims,” he said.

Acosta promptly accused the president of portraying all asylum claims as unmerited, misquoting him on social media: “Trump in Rose Garden speech paints asylum seekers with broad brush accusing them of misleading immigration authorities at border: ‘These are frivolous claims.’”

Moments later, Breitbart News White House correspondent Charlie Spiering replied directly to Acosta by sharing President Trump’s full quote, which highlighted that “legitimate asylum seekers are being displaced by those lodging frivolous claims.”

Trump made sure he differentiated between legitimate asylum seekers and those who are coming to America with bogus claims. However, according to that dirty rat Acosta, the president said all migrants are misleading authorities at the border. 

The Breitbart reporter corrected him, and that was quickly followed by Trump’s official “war room” or campaign account that did the same thing, except they added the video to prove Acosta wrong. And still, Jim Acosta refused to acknowledge his big fat lie, a lie that goes out to Acosta’s Twitter following of 1.2 million. No wonder leftists think Trump’s a racist.

Well, that’s when angry Americans weighed in and let the CNN fake news reporter know this isn’t going to stand. 

“Thank you, Charlie. Acosta doesn’t know how to tell the truth or give the full picture. Manipulation is the only way they can drum up any favor or support,” tweeted Twitter user “1776 Deplorable.”

“This Acosta is a very sick deluded sad individual. A legend in his own mind as are ALL of the Communist News Network and the rest of the Goebbels 4th Riche Media Propagandists and Haters Of The United States Of America,” tweeted David A. Vieira.

“Acosta’s personal views cloud his reporting, and his ability to hear the truth. Is he a member of the fifth estate or a grade school student,” tweeted Twitter user “Old School.”

“Dear diary… I bet I can lie about what Trump said without anyone watching his recorded speech and they’ll believe it. Too bad everyone knows you’re #FakeNews Jimbo…,” tweeted Twitter user “Jamie.”

As Breitbart News’ John Binder reported, foreign nationals seeking asylum in the U.S. evade immediate deportation after claiming credible fear in 88 percent of cases, according to the Department of Justice. Yet, only 50 percent of the foreign nationals who evade immediate deportation by claiming credible fear end up filing for asylum status following their release into the country.

And we know out of those who do claim credible fear, it’s an extremely low percentage who can prove it. The truth is that most migrants crossing our border do so because they have heard they can make a lot of money in America. The problem is our country isn’t a free for all and we already have a huge problem taking care of our own homeless and veterans.

However, CNN and Jimbo Acosta don’t care. They will lie right on live TV about our president and hope he won’t win re-election. Well, we say good luck with that. CNN’s ratings are in the dumpster, and with stunts like this, that’s where they’ll stay.

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