As CNN Tries To Bash Trump’s First Year, Viewers Shocked By What Guests Let Slip To Host

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CNN recently invited a few former Democrats who voted for President Donald Trump onto their show in hopes that they could make the leader of the free world look bad. However, things didn’t exactly go according to plan — and viewers were left shocked by what the guests had to say to the host at the time.

As CNN Tries To Bash Trump's First Year, Viewers Shocked By What Guests Lets Slip To Host
Images from a CNN interview (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Seeing how Trump has recently released the “Fake News Awards,” CNN is reeling after realizing they were called out for perpetrated the most instances of the disgusting practice. Despite this reality, the goons are still intent on taking down the president by whatever means necessary.

Despite being embarrassed in front of the nation, CNN is still refusing to apologize, and a recent incident on their network proves that things aren’t going to change anytime soon. In fact, the idiots actually tried something truly ludicrous in a desperate attempt to make President Donald Trump look bad.

With the one year mark of Trump’s presidency just having passed, CNN ‘s Martin Savidge traveled to Youngstown, Ohio to ask former Democrats, who voted for Trump, what they thought of the man they voted for. However, things didn’t exactly go according to plan, and viewers were left downright shocked by what the guests said during the broadcast.

According to WKBN, “In 2016, according to the Mahoning County Board of Elections, approximately 7,000 registered Democrats switched parties to become Republicans.” Since CNN operates within a bubble where everyone they work with thinks the same way and believes the same things they do, they have a tendency to believe their own opinions are more popular than they actually are.

With just that in mind, Savidge apparently thought all these “former Democrats” would hate what President Donald Trump had done during the past year, especially considering all the negative coverage they had put out there. Too bad for CNN, they thought wrong — and the guests weren’t afraid to let everyone know it.

After being asked how they thought Trump’s first year was going, the panel guests shot back with remarks like “fantastic,” “great,” “phenomenal,” and “better than I ever dreamt.” Come to find out, average Americans care more about results and what the president is doing for this country rather than hyped-up lies and the language he uses while getting the job done.

Asked why they hopped party lines to vote for Trump, Anna Para, a retired mother of four, replied by simply saying, “I mean, it got to a point where I did not like the direction that my country was going.” Of course, CNN’s Savidge didn’t really know what to do as he was clearly expecting to have a little Trump-bashing session.

However, when President Trump received only praise from the group, all the liberal reporter could muster up was a disheartened, “Really?” Too bad for him, the bad news just kept coming. Trying to find any way he could possibly use the group to attack Trump, he desperately hopped from topic to topic but continued to fail with each passing question.

Bringing up Trump’s Twitter use, those in the group merely expressed that if Trump didn’t use social media the way he did, they wouldn’t know the truth, and if that were the case, they may actually not like him, given the liberal media’s bias and “fake news.”

The biggest thing the guests like about Trump’s presidency so far is the results they are seeing, and they made sure to let the host know that as well. When Trump says something, he means it.

The two most important issues to the group seemed to be illegal immigration and jobs — issues that run hand in hand. Not only were jobs leaving the U.S., but the ones that remained were too often taken by illegal aliens, leaving Americans fighting for gainful employment. Now that Trump is fixing both of those problems, well, quite simply it’s hard to dislike the man who can actually get things done and better the way of life for American citizens.

This clip demonstrates CNN’s exact problem. They’re disconnected from society. All day long, they sit in their offices, talking to people who share their liberal bias, and they actually believe that everyone agrees with them. The fact of the matter is, many Americans don’t, and that’s exactly how President Donald Trump got elected.

As for CNN, their credibility is already hurting these days, and the “Fake News Awards” just further revealed that to the world. Maybe if they valued things like accountability and responsibility, they wouldn’t be the national embarrassment that they are.