Scumbag CNN Compares Bible To Sharia Law, Watch The Unbelievable Video

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The leader of fake news just reached a new low. During a discussion about President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, a CNN contributor compared Christian values to Sharia law. The statements were so offensive, it forced a reaction from the one conservative guest.

CNN’s Dean Obeidallah doubled down on shocking insult to American Christians. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

At this point, we can’t take anything from CNN seriously. The liberal network’s bias is so great, they are no longer promoting news. CNN is a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. They go out of their way to slander conservatives, President Trump, and anything right of center.

Does CNN even have a good reputation anymore? In recent years, we’ve seen this “news” network do the unthinkable. During the 2016 election, they deliberately cut off guests who mentioned Hillary Clinton’s corruption. On the eve of Donald Trump’s Inauguration, hosts like Wolf Blitzer fantasized about the incoming president’s assassination.

CNN regularly edits a video to make President Trump look bad. They take quotes out of context to smear his reputation. They even claim the opposite of what a news story actually proves. And remember, they were the only major “news” network to report on the bogus Russian dossier. Even other liberal outlets refused to cover that one.

As a result, CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. Few Americans are willing to stomach the unrepentant fake news that comes pouring from that station. But for some reason, they’re still around. In fact, they are only making things worse for themselves. Just take this recent segment on the CNN-owned HLN network.

When discussing Donald Trump’s next pick for the supreme court, a liberal contributor insulted the millions of Americans who believe in the Bible. Despite the fact this country was founded on Biblical principles—by Christians—this CNN regular compared our faith to Islamic Sharia law. When the one conservative guest offered a rebuttal, the man doubled down on his ridiculous statements. That’s when the conservative guest had enough.

Conservative radio host Steve Deace walked off the set of an HLN segment on Friday after CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah compared Christianity to Sharia law…

“The stakes are really high in this country,” Obeidallah said. “And there are people who want to impose Christian Sharia law in this country. And what I mean by that is that they want the Bible as the law of the land.”

Deace later fired back that any comparison between Islamic Sharia law and Christianity was “preposterous,” but Obeidallah, who is very progressive, continued to push the comparison.

“Christian Sharia law in this context is simply shorthand for turning religious beliefs into the laws of the land,” Obeidallah continued. “I’m not going through the Bible. To me, that’s what Sharia is in the Muslim world, what Sharia is here. I’m not sure why you’d be upset unless you’re advocating it. I’m not suggesting you are.” [Source: Daily Wire]

“Christian Sharia law?” Can you imagine a statement more offensive? Christians do not believe in killing homosexuals. We do not treat women as second-class citizens. And we don’t force non-Christians to adhere to a strict, religious lifestyle—on pain of death. That’s what Sharia law demands in Muslim nations around the world.

Obeidallah clearly has no clue about the Bible or the Christian foundation of this country. Thanks to the faith of our Founding Fathers, America has freedom and opportunity no other nation has. It’s our Christian values that have allowed us to experience such prosperity and success—values that grant equality to all citizens.

That’s not the case in any country under Sharia law. That system of government is oppressive, closed-minded, and deadly. It destroys lives rather than liberates them. Anyone that would compare Christianity to that is out of his mind.

Of course, a CNN-owned company would welcome such a con artist and let him talk on their network. Notice how the conservative guest was clearly outnumbered. Nobody else would join him in refuting Obeidallah’s idiotic claim. The depths of CNN’s corruption, dishonesty, and hatred for American values are clearly on display.

How many other networks are so terrible, they force guests to walk off the set? Fox News gets bashed by liberals all the time. Yet they treat their guests—conservative or liberal—with decency and respect. You don’t see left-wing guests on Tucker Carlson’s show leaving in disgust. That thing only happens on CNN’s network of stations—the fake news leaders. It’s about time CNN took a hard look at itself.