CNN Host Claims Democrats Support Border Security — Gets Absolutely Destroyed

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Left-wing news elitist Wolf Blitzer made the ridiculous claim that Democrats support a secure border. Does he really think Americans are that stupid? We have watched as Democrats opposed every form of security on our Southern border. Stephen Miller took Blitzer to school and humiliated him with the facts. This is why CNN is called fake news.

Once again, CNN proves it’s the leader in fake news. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video)

Before Donald Trump entered the political arena, border security was a joke. Barack Obama implemented such policies as “catch-and-release” and DACA, policies meant to protect illegals and punishment Americans.

Democrats across the country have passed “sanctuary” laws, which have turned cities and entire states into places that protect criminal aliens. American citizens are in danger because local police cannot properly arrest and hand over illegals for deportation.

You don’t have to be a psychic to see what’s going on. Democrats are weakening America’s borders to welcome more illegal immigrants.

Since Donald Trump became president, he’s pushed for tighter border security. Democrats have opposed him. They have refused to back his proposed border wall and any other measure to keep Americans safe. Worse than that, they’ve slandered him in the press, trying to portray him as cruel, uncaring, and even racist.

So imagine my surprise when CNN host Wolf Blitzer claimed that Democrats DO support border security! Oh, I guess I’m just too stupid to realize it, given their terrible track record.

After Blitzer made his bogus claim, White House adviser Stephen Miller took him to task.

The House has passed a bill that includes funding for President Trump’s proposed border wall and it’s now in the hands of the Senate, with a partial federal government shutdown looming in the background. Trump adviser Stephen Miller was interviewed on CNN yesterday, and host Wolf Blitzer did his best to defend the Democrats on border security, but it ended badly for him. Watch:

Well, that was fairly brutal. [Source: Twitchy]

I don’t know what Blitzer was trying to pull when he said Democrats support border security. Did he think his idiotic CNN viewers would just blindly accept that statement? Maybe. If you’re dumb enough to watch CNN, you’ll believe whatever lies they spew.

But he wasn’t counting on Miller having ample proof that Democrats have no intention of supporting border security. Over recent years, they’ve done nothing to ensure Americans are safe from the tidal wave of dangers crossing over our Southern border.

As Miller pointed out, they voted against Kate’s law, which would have protected Americans who are harmed by criminal aliens. They continue to support states that hide aliens from the federal government. They’ve even defended MS-13 gang members who are some of the most vicious and evil people on the planet.

They don’t want the wall, and they want to grant asylum to just about everyone who comes here.

So how, Wolf, are they supporting border security?

Wolf, clearly, didn’t have an answer and quickly tried to change the subject. It’s pretty obvious he was way out of his depth when debating this with Miller. Can’t let your viewers realize you’re a fraud, eh Blitzer?

CNN still pretends it’s an unbiased news network. Yet, right here, we see Wolf was trying to defend and support Democrats — even going as far as lying — but was caught with his pants down.

We should make this clip spread — more than it already has. America needs to see what kind of fake news peddlers CNN is employing. And we need to make it clear — to everyone — that the Democrats don’t want a secure border.

They will continue to oppose full border wall funding. Not to mention push policies that reward illegal aliens and punish American citizens.

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