WATCH: CNN Viewers Shocked By What Guest Let Slip On Live TV, Fake News Network Edits Clip

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Things took a shocking turn on CNN recently after viewers were left stunned by what a guest let slip on live television. Unfortunately, the situation would only be made worse when the “fake news” network decided to edit the clip – and now, they’re catching holy hell over it.

WATCH: CNN Viewers Shocked By What Guest Let Slip On Live TV, Fake News Network Edits Clip
Marissa Smith and Dustin Smith speaking with Brooke Baldwin (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

CNN is no stranger to controversy. In fact, that was proven after the network tried relentlessly to bash President Donald Trump as liberals blamed “fake news” for Hillary Clinton’s election loss, only for the slogan to be turned around and permanently affixed to CNN. To this day, they can’t get away from the rightfully earned reputation, and a recent incident proves why.

It all happened on New Year’s Eve, just a short while before people began to ring in the New Year. As it turns out, Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon were in New Orleans to cover the nationwide celebrations when quite the shocking ordeal went down.

Kicking off the bizarre series of events, Baldwin looked over to an apparently drunk Lemon and said, “My balls are bigger than your balls.” Of course, she was talking about the beads on her necklace, but the meaning behind her play on words and her true intentions were clear. However, things were soon to get much, much worse.

For those who don’t remember, Brooke Baldwin was on her high horse, back in September, after “Outkick the Coverage” founder Clay Travis said, “I’m a First Amendment absolutist and believe in two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs.” At the time, Breitbart reported that Baldwin was outraged and even dropped a tweet, lecturing every man across the country.

“That was… I just… it was one of those thought bubbles ‘did he actually say that on MY SHOW?!’ Note to men — that is never okay. ,” she wrote, just a few short months ago, slamming Travis for his remarks.

We’ve once again come to see that, like almost every other issue that liberals have, this one is not a two-way street. Although men aren’t allowed to say things that women may find offensive, women, on the other hand, need not worry themselves with such sentiments when it comes to men. In fact, even Baldwin’s tweet boldly said, “Note to men.” I guess women aren’t held to the same standard by those on the left.

However, Clay Travis was about to get his own revenge after her New Year’s Eve flub, and he started to work behind the scenes in order to get the ball – no pun intended – rolling. All he needed was a little help from his Twitter fans, and in the end, his incentive was as old as time – cold hard cash.

“Okay, @outkick new year’s eve challenge for Bama, Clemson or others on Bourbon Street in NOLA. Boobs Baldwin and Don Lemon are interviewing random people in the bar there. Get on air and say you love boobs and I will give you $10k,” he tweeted first, before following up with, “FYI, for those of you going after the $10k. CNN is at the Spotted Cat in NOLA. If an @outkick girl gets on saying it to Boobs Baldwin, I’ll go $20k.”

Just like that, Twitter lit up over the idea, but it wasn’t long before things took a turn. Just like that, a simple response went out that read, “We’re in route.”

Although people weren’t sure at the time if the man would go through with his stated plans, Clay’s followers were left completely and utterly shocked when they heard Lemon and Baldwin call over a man named “Dustin” for “something really special.”

To everyone’s surprise, the man got some airtime by saying that he wanted to propose to his “girlfriend,” according to The Daily Wire. Although Marissa Smith and Dustin Smith are already married, they pretended to get engaged all over again in front of CNN cameras – and that’s when they left CNN viewers downright shocked.

After Marissa said “yes,” she grabbed a CNN microphone and shouted, “I love boobs! B-double o-b-s!” As if that wasn’t enough, Dustin then yelled, “Outkick, baby,” to finish off the stunt. In the end, CNN got wrecked, but sadly, they only made things worse, according to a Breitbart report.

Instead of just ignoring the incident, the fake news network is still pretending they captured a real-life-moment and an actual marriage proposal, live on the air. Even worse yet, they edited the clip to leave out the last part of the hypocritical hosts getting their butts handed to them. Below is what they are currently showing on the CNN website:

Sure, this may seem like a small thing, but in context with everything else that has gone on, it’s another shining example of how CNN doesn’t mind lying to the American people. Not only do they pretend to be morally superior and generally just better than everyone else, but they don’t even care enough to hide their “do as I say, not as I do” mentality anymore.

If CNN is willing to hide a small and virtually meaningless defeat like this, just imagine the lengths they’d go in order to hide something important that really matters. Now, that’s a scary thought, especially since these people continue to falsely claim that they are “true and unbiased news.” Too bad for them, America is waking up to their deceit, and it’s only going to get worse for them from here on out.