CNN Host In Big Trouble After SICK Thing He Said About Naked Little Girls

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CNN Host In Big Trouble After SICK Thing He Said About Naked Little Girls
CNN Host Chris Cuomo (left), stock image of a girl’s swimsuit party (right)

The left seems to be getting more and more obnoxious these days, and sadly, along with that comes an increase in their vile and disgusting rhetoric. Proving just that is Chris Cuomo, a host on the well-known “fake news” network CNN, with the comments he made about naked little girls – and he just got a brutal reality check.

Liberals seem emboldened these days when it comes to trying to make a point, and it doesn’t matter how dirty they have to get while doing it. Unfortunately for them, they just got some bad news after CNN host Chris Cuomo stooped to a disturbing low when speaking about President Donald Trump’s reversal on transgender bathroom policies which allowed trans individuals to use bathrooms meant for the opposite biological sex.

It all began with the tweet below, but it quickly escalated and got much, much worse.

Of course, millions of Americans across the country disagree with Cuomo, but that didn’t stop him from outwardly bashing Trump and his supporters. However, this would be a decision he’d later come to regret as he was confronted by countless Americans across social media.

One person, using the Twitter handle @PurportedPundit, made his point perfectly clear, as he simply asked, “What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

Although you would think that Cuomo wouldn’t touch this question, involving little girls who would be vulnerable while naked in a locker room, the moron actually tried to fight back. However, things would go horribly wrong when he responded with this:

As one would imagine, it wasn’t long before all of social media was up in arms over the comments that Cuomo made about naked little girls in the locker room. By trying to essentially victim blame a hypothetical child, well, to say that he got a brutal reality check would be putting it lightly. In fact, it wasn’t long before users all across the country were writing in to obliterate the point he was trying to make:

And then, of course, there was this:

The point here is that liberals are doing what they’ve done for quite some time now – trying to delegitimize the concerns of Americans by writing them off as “intolerant.” The funny part is, it was exactly that notion that lost them the election.

In the end, the left better get a grip on themselves and do some serious self-reflecting. It is beyond disgusting for Cuomo to try to degrade little girls for not wanting to see a man’s penis when they are in a vulnerable environment, such as being naked in a locker room. If the left keeps talking like this, they better get used to losing because it’s going to happen more and more often as people continue to leave the Democrat Party of lunacy in a mass exodus.