CNN Reports Immigrant Sob Story, Viewers Shocked By What Chris Cuomo Let Slip On Live TV

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You won’t find a bigger bunch of illegal sympathizers than at CNN. On Tuesday, they were at it again, rolling out an immigrant sob story. However, viewers were shocked when, in the middle of the live report, host Chris Cuomo accidentally let slip a stunning admission about U.S. citizenship.

CNN co-hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota debated the point of citizenship Tuesday morning on “New Day” while covering the story of a Polish immigrant named Dr. Lukasz Niec who was detained by ICE the same day. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/The Daily Caller)

Co-hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota debated the point of citizenship Tuesday morning on “New Day” while covering the story of a Polish immigrant named Dr. Lukasz Niec who was detained by ICE the same day.

According to his “notice to appear” from the Department of Homeland Security, Niec’s detention stems from two misdemeanor convictions from 26 years ago. In January 1992, Niec was convicted of malicious destruction of property under $100. In April of that year, he was convicted of receiving and concealing stolen property over $100 and a financial transaction device.

Because Niec was convicted of two crimes involving “moral turpitude,” stemming from two separate incidents, he is subject to removal, immigration authorities wrote in the notice to appear, citing the Immigration and Nationality Act. [Source: The Washington Post]

“The system seems to be seizing on this fact,” Cuomo opened. “Niec was convicted of misdemeanor theft 25 years ago. He agreed to a state plea deal for first-time offenders to keep his criminal record clean. That deal is not recognized by federal authorities. So, according to a federal notice, crimes involving ‘moral turpitude’ do make him eligible for deportation.”

“How does this make any sense?” asked Camerota. “When the administration, the administration said they are going after the hardened criminals, the violent criminals, how does moral turpitude 25 years ago make any sense for a practicing, working doctor? I don’t understand, why is he being targeted?”

Then, Cuomo accidentally let slip what no liberal ever wants to admit; namely, that if you cannot follow the laws of this country, you have no business being here in the first place. Go back from whence you came and commit your crimes there, if you must engage in criminal behavior.

“Well, because he broke the law,” said Cuomo. “What the hard-liners will say is your invitation is only as good as your respect for the law and he broke the law, and that makes him eligible. Now, the delay in recognizing the offense and the degree of the offense and the disruption that it will cause does not seem to be fairness under law or justice.”

“He was a lawful, permanent resident,” Camerota countered, according to The Daily Caller. “I mean, that isn’t who we understood they were going to be targeting first, prioritizing.”

Ironically Cuomo countered with a clear point about citizenship, saying, “Anybody short of a citizen is vulnerable when it comes to the law and infractions and how those can be interpreted by the system based on its rules and that’s why the debate matters so much.”

Dr. Niec’s detainment shatters the narrative that detainment of illegal immigrants is racially-targeted. Cuomo made that point clear as day whether he realized it or not.

With their coverage of Dr. Niec’s story, Cuomo and Camerota inadvertently proved that President Donald Trump’s immigration plan is not racist. Indeed, he is just as willing to deport a white doctor as he is to send a Mexican gang member back to Tiajuana.

But, sadly, we can only ever count on CNN to make such admissions by accident. They’d never come right out and say that you are subject to deportation if you break the law while here illegally whether you’re black, brown, yellow, or green. They’ve got a narrative to protect, and it centers around viewers believing that President Donald Trump is a racist.

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