CNN Interviews Ben Shapiro, Learns Big Mistake Too Late After What’s Said On Live TV

A shocking exchange is going viral after CNN host Brian Stelter invited Ben Shapiro to take part in an interview. Too bad for the liberal network, they would only learn just how big of a mistake they had made once it was too late — and that was after what was said on live television.

CNN Invites Ben Shapiro On, Learns Big Mistake Too Late After What Slips Out On Live TV
CNN’s Brian Stelter (left), Ben Shapiro (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

CNN isn’t having a good time these days. Not only are their ratings in the toilet but they seem to be failing on almost every front. CNN isn’t acting as a news organization anymore. Instead, they’re operating as a leftist propaganda network, and their mission is simple — brainwash as many gullible people as they can.

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At this point, it’s pretty clear what they want and what they’re willing to do in order to achieve it, but the fact that it isn’t working doesn’t seem to be slowing down their attempts to further their liberal agenda. At the end of the day, they don’t care about the well-being of American citizens, they only care about recruiting a misinformed army to do their bidding.

That’s why they usually interview people who agree with their narrative and why they rarely ever bring on people who oppose them. Look at what they did to the survivors of the mass-shooting in Florida. They paraded a specific few children around as political props because they helped the anti-gun narrative. On the other hand, they ignored the ones who didn’t share their gun control sentiments but who equally wanted a voice in the matter.

Too bad for CNN, they were about to pay for that big time after asking Ben Shapiro to take part in an interview. Seen on Brian Stelter’s show, Shapiro came to speak about gun control, but things quickly took a turn for the worse for CNN. Voluntarily shifting the conversation to media bias, Stelter asked Shapiro, “Where do you see the most egregious media bias right now?”

That was about the time that Stelter learned just how big of a mistake he had made, and it was way too late after what Shapiro had to say on live television. In fact, that’s when Shapiro pointed the finger back at the liberal network, responding, “Well, over the last three weeks, obviously, the coverage of the gun debate has been absolutely egregious. I mean, I don’t want to single out your network, but CNN’s been pretty bad on this from a conservative perspective.”

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As reported by The Daily Caller, Shapiro continued, “The idea that when there’s a mass shooting, that the media feel the necessity to put on TV not only survivors but specific survivors, that there’s a certain subset of survivors who make it on TV a lot, a lot, and there are certain other survivors who don’t, and that they decide to single out certain events, and not other events, in order to make a particular case, or they allow certain people to go on TV and suggest that folks like Dana Loesch or people at the NRA are evil, don’t care, they’re terrorists, and there’s no pushback from the anchors.”

In typical smug fashion, Stelter tried to push back but only further embarrassed himself, asking his guest, “So your view is there should be 50/50 even if most of the students are urging gun control measures?” Of course, all he did was further expose the network’s bias, and Shapiro was about to reveal that to viewers.

“I think 80/20 would be fine. I think anything but 95/5 would be a good thing,” Shapiro responded. According to IJ Review, he then explained that, while people in journalism have their political views, “it’s not a pleasant thing when people in the media pretend their political views are not influencing their coverage when it’s so obvious that those political views clearly are influencing their coverage.”

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CNN’s Brian Stelter only continued to humiliate himself from there as he tried to dig himself out of the hole that he put himself in, but it was no use. This is exactly what happens when you invite someone onto your show who is intellectually superior to you. Although they try their best to avoid it, CNN was exposed for the lying frauds that they are. Even better yet, viewers got the honest truth for once — even if it was only for a moment.