CNN Tries To Get Iowa Workers To Bash Trump, Shocked By What Guest Let Slip On National TV

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CNN recently went to Iowa in hopes of finding someone who would bash President Donald Trump. Too bad for them, things went horribly wrong — and viewers were left shocked by what a guest let slip on national television.

CNN Tries To Get Iowa Workers To Bash Trump, Shocked By What Guest Let Slip On National TV
CNN’s Martin Savidge (right) interview Trump voters from Iowa (left) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

The liberal media is downright ridiculous. Seeking to embarrass President Trump any way they can, they don’t seem to mind humiliating themselves in the process as nearly every one of their attempts has blown up in their faces. Shockingly, this hasn’t deterred the liberal provocateurs.

Instead, they stoop to even lower lows in hopes of taking a swipe at Trump, but it never really seems to work out for them. Proving just that is what happened in Iowa, where CNN went in hopes of finding a few people who regretted their choice to vote for President Donald Trump.

CNN’s Martin Savidge rounded up a few Trump supporters, grouped them at a table in front of cameras, and started asking questions. Of course, he immediately began with the typical liberal nonsense. Wanting to focus on the usual bogus talking points, it wasn’t long before the segment imploded, and viewers were left shocked by what guests started saying on air.

Bringing out the big guns right off the bat, Savidge asked his impromptu panel what they thought about the Russia investigation and the FBI. As one would imagine, he got obliterated. Without hesitation, guests lit into the CNN host, saying that it was all a bunch of crap.

One man called the Russia investigation a “political witch hunt from the get-go” and a “disgrace.”

Another man said that Trump is “exactly what I voted for.”

And when asked whether they had faith in the FBI, one man answered, “Hell no. No, absolutely not.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

Too bad for CNN’s Martin Savidge and liberal viewers who saw this going differently, their misery had just begun. Although the guests said that the Robert Mueller investigation is utter bologna, they still want to see it through. So, why would that be? Well, to shut up the raving lunatics of the left.

In short, the sentiments expressed in this interview are generally how the majority of Donald Trump supporters feel about what is happening in the country right now. Basically, the left is doing everything in their power to disrupt Trump and make him stumble — and it doesn’t matter what it takes to achieve that.

So far, the ends have yet to justify the means, but that isn’t stopping liberals from their mission to convert Trump supporters to the left. Even in this instance, Savidge couldn’t see the truth right in front of him as proven while ending the segment and the liberal host reported his findings.

“It’s pretty clear from that conversation and from others that I’ve had with Trump voters that many of them believe the Russia investigation is nothing more than a political scheme, that was fabricated and now is being perpetuated by Democrats and others who simply can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is president,” he said. Shockingly, he didn’t report that as fact but acted as if they were the musings of a deluded voter base.

Too bad for him, he did find the truth but was just too blinded by bias to see it for what it was. What the left doesn’t seem to understand yet is that there was no collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia. Although they want to pretend like there was, you can bet your butt that you would have seen some evidence from leakers by now if there was any truth to it.

At this point, Trump supporters just want the left to shut up about this. As a result, they’re willing to let the investigation play out, even though it’s a waste of time, resources, and money. Appease the left. Prove them wrong. Move on. Repeat. Dealing with the left is like trying to talk politics with children. What a terrible waste of time.