“CNN SUCKS!!!” Jim Acosta Shows Up At Trump Rally, Regrets It Within Seconds

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CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta showed up at President Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa Bay, Florida, on Tuesday night, and it turned out to be a huge mistake. Acosta regretted the decision to show his ugly mug at the rally, as Trump’s supporters began shouting an embarrassing message for him on live television.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is heckled by the conservative crowd at President Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa Bay, Florida, on Tuesday, July 31, 2018. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Instagram)

President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Tampa Bay, Florida, on Tuesday night on behalf of Republican Ron DeSantis, who is running for governor. “I don’t do these endorsements easily,” Trump told an enthusiastic crowd during his rally at Tampa’s Florida State Fairgrounds. “I don’t need to be here, but I happen to love this state.”

The rally took place with four weeks to go before the Aug. 28 Republican gubernatorial primary, in which DeSantis will face off against state Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam.

Trump touted the congressman as “a true leader”, “a proud veteran”, “my great friend” and predicted: “he’s going to be your next governor.”

“I appreciate your support, Mr. President,” DeSantis said after Trump called him up on stage. “But I appreciate more the leadership you’re showing for our great country.”

Trump also implored supporters to back Scott against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who he said was “[Chuck] Schumer-controlled, [and] Nancy Pelosi-controlled,” referring to the Senate and House Democratic leaders. [Source: Fox News]

The rally was yet another success for the president, who has only seemed to increase in popularity during his time in office — no easy feat for a president after a year and a half in the White House. Trump has managed to do so, however, by systematically delivering on the promises he made to American voters in record time.

He has boosted the economy, brought unemployment to historic lows, alleviated America’s trade deficit, and the list goes on and on. Finally, we have a president who does more than take vacations, lie, and make promises he doesn’t intend to keep.

Meanwhile, seemingly still miffed that their girl Hillary lost the White House (again), the fake news media has been working overtime to discredit Trump and to downplay his historic accomplishments. The worst of all the culprits is CNN’s Jim Acosta, who has made a name for himself in the past year by employing such boorish behavior that he is routinely kicked out of press conferences.

So when Acosta showed up at Trump’s rally on Tuesday night, the conservative crowd took the opportunity to let their feelings be known about CNN’s biggest hack. According to The Daily CallerCNN anchor Wolf Blitzer checked in on Acosta only to find him in a less-than-ideal situation. Acosta was practically being drowned out by a raucous chant of “CNN Sucks!” from the crowd behind him.

“Wolf, just to give you a sense of what’s happening right now, you can hear there is a chorus of boos and other chants from this Trump crowd here in Tampa, Florida, there, saying things like, ‘CNN sucks,’ ‘go home,’ and ‘fake news,'” Acosta complained. “Wolf, obviously all of those things are false. We’re staying right here, we’re going to do our job and report on this rally for all of our viewers tonight.”

Donald Trump Jr. shared the hilarious moment with his 1.2 million followers on Instagram:

If Jim Acosta and his ilk would like to earn back the respect of the American people, the formula for success on that front is quite simple. If they would just truthfully report the facts without allowing their bias to get in the way, they wouldn’t be booed out of stadiums and kicked out of press conferences. It’s that easy. Coincidentally, that is precisely the job description of your average journalist, although the folks at networks like CNN and MSNBC seem to have forgotten.

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