CNN’s Navarro Files Her Nails & Ignores Americans Killed By Illegals, She Regrets It

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CNN’s Ana Navarro shocked Americans when she started filing her nails while discussing Americans killed by illegal aliens. Now, the Trump-hating Navarro was just made to regret disrespecting Angel Moms and their slain children. Don’t miss this.

Ana Navarro (left), Angel Moms displaying pics of their children killed by illegal aliens (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

For those who are not familiar with the horrible, awful, nasty, unacceptable hyena that is Ana Navarro, you aren’t missing much. The Trump-hating shrew gets utterly rabid when anyone calls her a leftist. Why? Well, according to Navarro, she’s “a true Republican” and “Trump’s hijacked the Republican Party.”

Yet, she spews her leftist ideals on a daily basis on CNN every chance she gets. In fact, all anyone needs to know about Navarro’s hatred of President Trump is her past affiliations. Navarro worked for Florida governor Jeb Bush in 1998 and supported him for president in 2016. She also served as the national co-chair of the Hispanic Advisory Council for John McCain in 2008 and Jon Huntsman Jr. in 2012, who is the father of The View’s Abby Huntsman.

So, is there any wonder why the 47-year-old Trump-hater is so nasty? She considers herself just a little bit better than any of those “hillbillies” who would support Trump. And that brings us to her disgusting display on CNN Primetime with host Chris Cuomo. Navarro starts filing her nails twice. Once, when discussing Donald Trump, Jr. and then when discussing illegal alien crimes.

“CNN commentator Ana Navarro took offense on Wednesday night when a pro-Trump panelist suggested she was part of ‘the left,’ in a bizarre exchange in which she filed her nails amid the heated discussion,” Fox News reported.

The panel was discussing Donald Trump Jr.’s earlier Instagram post saying, “You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo? Because walls work.” He then deleted the post after critics accused him of comparing migrants to animals.

This caused Navarro to scream: “At the end of the day, Donald Trump, Jr., and whatever he says, can I just file my nails? This is an entitled, rich, spoiled little brat whose only call to fame is being his daddy’s son!”

“Good prop,” Cuomo responds, praising Navarro for pulling out a nail file. Chris Cuomo is as idiotic as Navarro. The panel discussion then moves on to illegal immigration. Former Trump adviser Steve Cortes went on to defend the president’s stance on illegal immigration, saying that “the illegal alien crime rate should be zero.” As he continued speaking about the horrendous crimes committed, Navarro sighed and pulled her nail file back out, and continued to file her nails. 

“You can do your nails,” Cortes told her. “You know who can’t do their nails are people who have been killed, Ana, by dangerous known illegal aliens who have been allowed to stay in this country because of the leftist policies that people like you promote in so-called sanctuary cities.”

Well, immediately, Americans flocked to social media to give the Trump-hater a nasty surprise. “She is disrespectful, stupid, uncaring moron. She can’t hold a candle to Trump who cares deeply about the American lives lost or harmed by illegal immigration. If @CNN had any decency they would fire her ass. #RIPofficerSingh,” tweeted “New American Hope.”

Eric Thompson tweeted, “@ananavarro – Sad to watch you become an arrogant, progressive and obnoxious fool on @CNN. Serious, using a nail file so leftist crazies can clap like seals for you? All of you disrespect the US citizens/families killed by illegal aliens by denying it happens. @realDonaldTrump.”

On Fox & Friends Thursday, Dana Loesch condemned Navarro’s “stunt,” saying it’s “incredibly flippant” to disregard the many families who have experienced tragedy at the hands of illegal immigrants.

She pointed to “Angel parent” Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose 17-year-old was killed in 2008 by a Mexican-born gang member who was a known offender. “You’re going to file your nails over that? You’re going to call that a manufactured crisis?” Loesch said. “Say that to the faces of these individuals who have lost people. Say it to the women and children who have been exploited by coyotes.”

There were thousands of Trump supporters who lambasted Ana Navarro on social media. People were rightly outraged and there is no doubt the leftist shrew’s Twitter feed was filled with pissed off Americans voicing their utter contempt for her vile display on CNN. This just emboldens Americans to support our president against these disgraceful leftists who just want to see him fail. Americans must stand strong and remember we are fighting to ensure no more Americans suffer at the hands of illegal aliens. Trump will make American safe, again.

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