CNN Posts Braggadocious Pic Of Dems Praying, Viewers Shocked By What’s Hiding In Plain Sight

CNN Posts Braggadocios Pic With Dems Praying, Viewers Shocked By What Else Is Hiding In It
Picture released by CNN

The left has always been smug, but that was especially proven to be the case just before yesterday’s Congressional baseball game. As it turns out, CNN took to social media to brag, using a picture that showed Democrats in prayer just before the first pitch – but viewers would be left shocked when they saw what was hiding in plain sight in the braggadocious image that the media outlet obviously hoped no one would notice.

Despite everything that has been going on the past few days, leftist propaganda networks like CNN and MSNBC are working overtime to demonize the president at all costs. Of course, the best way they can do that is to further erode his support system by going after Republicans in Congress – and they decided to do just that.

Using the tragedy that struck just days before as a madman opened fire on Republicans who were practicing for a charity game on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, CNN decided that the Congressional baseball game would be the perfect platform for a little political sabotage using the shooting. In order to make Democrats appear as the more moral and “Godly” of the two parties, they posted a picture showing Democrats in prayer just moments before the first pitch.

CNN Posts Braggadocios Pic With Dems Praying, Viewers Shocked By What Else Is Hiding In It
CNN’s original tweet

Unfortunately for them, things were about to backfire in the most spectacular way as viewers were left shocked to see what else was hiding in the image that would be later pointed out by IJ Review. Come to find out, members of both parties made up the group of praying players.

CNN Posts Braggadocios Pic With Dems Praying, Viewers Shocked By What Else Is Hiding In It
Several GOP members of Congress were in the mix including Senators Rand Paul and Jeff Flake
CNN Posts Braggadocios Pic With Dems Praying, Viewers Shocked By What Else Is Hiding In It
GOP Rep. Williams and his staffer

Of course, saying that Republicans were involved in the prayer doesn’t promote the division that leftist outlets like CNN are trying to encourage. So, thinking that no one would notice and that they could ruffle a few feathers, making the left hate the right some more than they already do, they released the image of the prayer, claiming it was all Democrats.

Too bad for them, quite a few people actually did see exactly what they were doing – and boy, did CNN get publicly called out for it:

After realizing that people weren’t stopping with the warranted criticism, CNN finally wandered back to the keyboard a whopping 13 hours later to issue a correction. However, they didn’t feel the need to correct the initial tweet or take it down.

As one would imagine, the public ridicule continued to roll in, prompting the morons to finally correct the tweet a whole 15 hours after it went up – but things aren’t exactly “fixed.” As it turns out, they left the clip up in which Erin Burnett can clearly be heard saying that it was only Democrats praying on the field:

It just goes to show just how much the leftist media wants our nation to be divided, and there’s actually an obvious reason for it. If you think about it, a unified country doesn’t make money for networks like CNN and MSNBC. They need people to hate others. They need to stir the pot for their rare bump in ratings, and that’s really sad when it comes down to it.

CNN knows they profit on hate, yet they continue to try to stoke the fires of tension here in America even when the country is trying to unify as a people. If ever there was a disgusting entity that had no part in a civilized society, this is it. At this point, fake news outlets masquerading as legitimate sources, like CNN, are doing more harm than good, and people can now clearly see them for the parasitic leeches that they actually are.

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