CNN Reporter Urges Black Sen To Bash ‘Racist’ Trump, Didn’t Expect His Next 8 Words

When a CNN reporter tried to get a black senator to bash President Donald Trump as a “racist,” the congressman savagely silenced him with 8 simple words.

CNN Reporter Urges Black Sen To Bash 'Racist' Trump, Didn't Expect His Next 8 Words
While trying to prompt Sen. Tim Scott (left) to bash President Donald Trump as a racist, CNN’s Van Jones (right) was taken aback by his “shocking” response. (Photo credit: Twitter, YouTube)

Instead of engaging in civil discourse, the left often resorts to exhausted rhetoric in an attempt to shut down opposing views they cannot refute with facts and logic. A favorite example of the left’s bombast is playing the race card. If they can simply dismiss their opponent as a racist, they feel they have won the debate with their vapid ad hominem attack.

Because of their tribal ideology, the left showcases its belief that all minorities are alike, at least in thought and values, which is easily identifiable as a form of racism itself. So, when one of their minority pets abandons the ideological plantation, they desperately hunt them down in an effort to squash the proof of the flaw in their liberal narrative.

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On an episode of CNN’s “The Van Jones Show,” host Van Jones once again invoked his signature tactic of race-baiting. While interviewing South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott, who has repeatedly vocalized his disagreement with President Donald Trump’s policies, Jones expected he could easily prompt Scott to berate the commander in chief by lamenting his alleged racial prejudice. What he got in response wasn’t quite what he wanted.

According to The Daily Wire, hoping to gain some ammunition against the current administration, CNN’s Van Jones asked Sen. Tim Scott how he deals with the president on race relations only to hear him explain that Trump pulled him aside and personally asked him “What can I do to make things better?” The incredibly private moment between the two showcased a benevolent side of Trump reaching across the aisle to heal America, which comes as a shock to Jones, as is evident by the surprised reaction and subsequent speechlessness.

“How do you judge whether you’re making progress there? Some of the people want you to kind of be the racial Trump whisperer in some way,” Jones prompted jokingly. “How do those conversations go? I just want to understand how you see Donald Trump.”

Scott then admitted that while he is “uncomfortable” speaking with the president because of their opposing views on race relations, he has been taken aback by Trump’s sincere care for the concerns of even those who disagree with him.

“They’re hard, they’re painful, they’re uncomfortable — to sit in the Oval Office and have a conversation with the president about things that you strongly disagree about. He didn’t change his perspective. I certainly can’t change my perspective. Mine’s educated by my experience, so that helps me.

“But the way it closed gave me reasons to be hopeful. It closed with ‘Tim, I don’t see what you see. What can I do to make things better?’ That was a shocking response. I was surprised after the conversation that his response was, ‘Help me see a better light.'”

Scott explained that he didn’t want to ask President Trump to adopt his beliefs but to be more proactive in repairing racial division. Scott added that the president has always engaged him with a “help me help other people” attitude even when they disagree on policies.

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Scott then asked Trump to support him in putting forth legislation, which the president promised to do. The most remarkable aspect of the pair’s private meeting is that just “24 hours later,” President Trump was making good on his word.

“I said, ‘Support my opportunities in legislation.’ He said he would and 24 hours later, he was. That allowed the Senate to put it into the tax bill,” Scott concluded.

Unfortunately for Jones, viewers quickly picked up on his attempt to get Sen. Scott to berate President Trump behind his back.

Possibly speaking about the same meeting, Sen. Tim Scott provided further details of President Donald Trump’s character when he recounted the private conversation during another interview on CNN, according to The Daily Caller.

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“I tell you the truth, I go back to a specific incident in the Charlottesville situation where I had harsh comments about the president. And I was very candid about my displeasure and how I found some of his exhibits to be indefensible. He invited me into the Oval Office after my criticism, and I found something quite surprising happening in the Oval Office,” Sen. Scott recounted.

“He said, ‘We’re not on the same page on the history of race relations in this country. Help me find the way forward.’ So I started talking about legislative remedies that would help poor kids in poor communities like the ones I grew up in,” Scott continued.

As was proved by Van Jones, liberals don’t care about reality if it disrupts their ideology. President Donald Trump must be a racist so that they can justify their attempted overthrow of his administration. Unfortunately for them, personal accounts like this will continue to destroy their deranged narratives.

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