CNN Hack Defends Russian Investigation, Rudy Giuliani Shuts Her Up With 3 Words

CNN’s Dana Bash recently tried to challenge President Donald Trump’s big gun attorney Rudy Giuliani over the legitimacy of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. However, he shuts her up with three words.

Dana Bash (left), Rudy Giuliani (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/CNN)

While the mainstream media is busy trying to cover for Trump-haters like Special Counsel Robert Mueller, fake news network CNN is in a league of their own when it comes to leftist propaganda. Recently, CNN’s Dana Bash attempted to argue with Rudy Giuliani over Mueller’s sham investigation and came away from the interview utterly humiliated.

According to New York Daily News, Giuliani dominated the interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, May 27, 2018, with host Dana Bash. During the interview, Giuliani let Bash come in close with her argument and then delivered a knockout punch.

In regard to Mueller’s Russia investigation, Bash asked, “How is there evidence that it’s rigged? I just want to go through it because I know you use this term a lot, obviously so does the President. This investigation has already brought charges against 22 people, entities, including 13 Russians who have been indicted for… uh… trying to change the outcome of the election. So how is it a rigged investigation when they already, when they’re not even close to being done and they already have… uh… this in their pocket.”

Bash can’t even navigate her way through her own narrative without stumbling over the sheer idiocy of it. In my opinion, CNN’s decision to have her interview Giuliani was simply poor planning. They could have at least picked someone with a better-rehearsed strategy.

“Well, first of all, there are two different investigations, right. The counterintelligence investigation is now over for over a year, and they weren’t disclosing it to anybody. Immediately, that raises questions in my mind, ‘Why not?’ I think ‘why not?’ because it clears the President,” Giuliani stated.

“Then you get the Comey thing which is a leak of a confidential memo which is illegal for an FBI official to do, and that becomes the basis for appointing Mueller. I’m not saying Mueller is illegitimate. I’m saying the basis on which he was appointed is illegitimate,” Giuliani continued.

Bash interrupted to demonstrate her lack of intelligence. “So you think the Mueller probe is legitimate?” she asked. Because Bash is either hard of hearing or stupid, she literally just asked Giuliani a question he answered only seconds before.

Giuliani handled Bash’s redundant questions with ease. “Not anymore. I don’t. I did when I came in, but now I see Spygate,” he exclaimed, according to Daily Caller.

I could not agree more with Giuliani. Millions of Americans in addition to Trump’s supporters see Spygate whenever they read about or see an interview on Mueller’s Russia investigation. It’s nothing more than a continuance of the same deep state plot, and it’s time that it ended.

When Bash tried one last time to score a pathetic debate point in the interview, it ended badly for her and her viewers who were hoping she would have fared better against Giuliani. “But what you call Spygate you admit happened before Robert Mueller was brought on to the scene,” Bash offered.

Rudy Giuliani quickly cut Dana Bash at the knees with something liberals hate most — common sense. “But it has to inform the decision to appoint Mueller — either it’s evidence or not. And if it’s not, it goes along with what they found already which is no collusion with the Russians,” Giuliani said. Bash was clearly no match for the President’s attorney and really only succeeded in humiliating herself and the fake news network.

As the deep state and the mainstream media continue to make every last effort to conceal the level of corruption that took place within former President Barack Obama’s FBI and Department of Justice, Giuliani is stepping up to the plate with interviews like this one and showing Americans how weak the left’s argument really is.

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