CNN Slams Trump, Feels His Wrath When He Unleashes Nasty Counterattack

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Soon after President Donald Trump called out CNN for a very fake news report, the network openly attacked him. They took to Twitter to directly respond to Trump, even as their reputation falters. In turn, the POTUS unleashed a nasty counterattack that they probably didn’t expect.

CNN tried to torch President Donald Trump on Twitter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Yesterday, we discussed a scathing rebuke posted by Trump over CNN’s bogus story. The news network published a report in July that was quickly debunked — by the very sources they tried to conceal. Even as many journalists criticize the network for the fake news, CNN refuses to admit they were lying.

Many believe it is because famed journalist Carl Bernstein was connected to the story. Donald Trump blasted the network — and Bernstein — over the very fake news.

If the President of the United States called you out for false information, you would think that you’d at least stay silent. A professional, responsible news network would issue a retraction and apologize to the American people. But this is CNN. Instead of doing the right thing, the network called out Trump directly.

A full-blown war of words between the first family and CNN broke out late Wednesday on Twitter, with the cable network mounting an unprecedented attack on President Trump in a jarring official statement defending a widely questioned story — and the president delivering a withering counterattack. [Source: Fox News]

How does anyone still believe CNN is a legit news network — and not just the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party? These pathetic losers published a story based on lies. They were caught in the lies. Yet today, they not only stand by the lies but openly attack the President online.

It’s clear the story was crafted to undermine the President. CNN, since the election, has poised itself as an anti-Trump network. Their hope is to prevent the President from having success, perhaps even ruin his chances at reelection.

Even if that means the American people suffer as a consequence. Think about that.

The story made Trump appear to be lying about a meeting his son had with a Russian lawyer. The meeting itself was pointless but is used by the left as “proof” the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. CNN’s story was trying to throw weight behind that tired lie. It’s obvious what they were trying to do. They failed, yet they still push the lie.

Now, they are calling out the president, directly calling him a liar. Does anyone need more proof that CNN is a corrupt, biased, and pathetic network?

Trump quickly dropped a bomb on them.

CNN is woefully unprepared for a war of words with Donald Trump. He is a master at confrontation, negotiation, and positioning. He rose to the top of one of the most cut-throat industries on the planet. He also went on to defeat a political rival who had over $2 billion and most of the media behind her. That’s not to mention the many millions who back the president with all their hearts.

Does CNN think they can win against a man like this? They can’t even get a handful of people to watch their programming!

This story is far from over. Make no mistake: CNN will continue to push their false story. They will double down on the lies, even as it ruins their reputation. They will then find new lies to push, thinking it will be enough to take the president down. But something tells me it’s going to blow up in their faces.