After CNN Stalks Trump While Golfing, He Gets Perfect Revenge With What They See Next Day

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CNN recently stooped to unprecedented lows by acting like paparazzi in order to get just a glimpse of President Donald Trump golfing during his Christmas vacation. Too bad for them, Trump heard about what they had done, and he got the perfect revenge with what reporters saw upon returning to the same location just one day later.

After CNN Spots Trump Golfing, President Gets Perfect Revenge With What They See Day Later
President Donald Trump (left & right), CNN’s Don Lemon (center) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter, Screenshot/YouTube, NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

The liberal media is really hurting for ratings these days after their pathetic tactics and constant lies, but it seems not even that is stopping them from consistently spewing fake news. Unfortunately for them, they’ve had to stoop to unprecedented lows to get any views whatsoever, and they demonstrated just that most recently. In fact, a video went viral after CNN reporters decided to act like stalkers, following President Donald Trump just to get a glimpse of him.

Successful in their desperate attempt, CNN managed to capture Trump during a little downtime during his Christmas vacation near his Mar-a-Lago residence. For some reason, they thought that this would be yet another spectacular way to bash the president, saying that he’s having more fun than working – but things immediately blew up in their face.

Just like that, CNN caught immediate backlash from all walks of life here in America as they showed just how desperate and biased they really are. Shockingly, they either didn’t realize or didn’t care how pathetic this came off to the public because they actually decided to show up the next day in order to do the same exact thing.

Unfortunately for them, it looks like their first attempt was the one and only shot they were going to get when it comes to their ridiculous ratings grab attempt since Trump had learned what they had done the day before and decided to get the perfect revenge.

When CNN employees showed up to the same location, they were left shocked by what they saw just one day later. According to IJ Review, Trump went “full savage” when it came to putting an end to the liberal network’s operations.

… Trump hit the golf course again on Wednesday, and CNN tried to grab another camera angle through the bushes. That’s when a massive white truck pulled up and blocked CNN’s view, leading many to speculate that the White House was behind it. [Source: IJ Review]

Of course, it wasn’t long before CNN was whining like they always do. During an interview with Don Lemon, Dan Merica explained how the white truck had parked right in front of the location CNN was trying to film and completely blocked its view into the golf course.

Too bad for CNN, they once again weren’t very truthful. If they want to report that President Donald Trump is golfing, fine, do that. However, stalking the President of the United States in an attempt to capture something you can twist in an effort to bash him later is something entirely different. Furthermore, if they find it so important to report on Trump’s golf habits, perhaps they should report on all that he’s accomplished too.

The fact remains, CNN only reports on President Trump when they can do so in a negative light. If they want to improve their ratings, they should stop their partisan propaganda and actually report the important news. It’s simple: Do your job, do it well, and people won’t complain. Of course, CNN has yet to realize this because they fail to do these simple things.

Instead, they go to shocking new lows for the sake of ratings while they continue to watch their network’s reputation spiral down the toilet. CNN is the cesspool of “fake news” propaganda, and they will continue to hold that rightfully earned reputation until they change their ways.

Trump is doing incredible things for this country. Although the left likes to say that Trump has gone golfing more than former President Barack Obama, what they fail to acknowledge is that Trump is actually doing his job. Achieving more than Obama could have ever wished for, Trump is putting the former administration to shame, so who cares about his downtime? It’s important to note that the Obamas frequently went to Hawaii for long periods of time for their Christmas vacations, and there was certainly some golfing that occurred.

If you work hard, play hard! Obama only wanted to do the latter. If a Democrat was as effective and efficient as Trump, the liberal media would have nothing but praise. The only hypocrisy CNN exposed is their own.