CNN Reporter Asks What Trump ‘Accomplished’ Over Holidays, Sarah Shuts Him Up With 4 Words

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White House reporters wasted no time before laying into President Donald Trump on Tuesday when press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held the first press briefing of 2018. However, when one of the liberal reporters asked what Trump had “accomplished” over the holidays, Sanders immediately shut him up with four simple words.

White House reporter Brain Karen (left), White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (right) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture via BizPac Review)

During Tuesday’s press briefing at the White House, Playboy reporter Brian Karem, a CNN contributor, had the audacity to ask Trump’s spokeswoman if the president would “give the comprehensive breakdown of what he accomplished during the holiday season.”

“Specifically, he met with Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, Robert Lighthizer — his Trade Rep, his Commerce Secretary, and his Treasury Secretary,” added Karem. “Did you accomplish anything during that break? And, could you let the American public know what it was that you accomplished?”

“There was a holiday?” joked Sanders, according to Conservative Angle.

Indeed, the President of the United States never gets to take a day off. He may have an opportunity to play a round of golf, but he is always on duty. Just thinking about that is exhausting. But, apparently, it’s not good enough for reporters like Brian Karem.

“He wants to make sure that we make every effort to improve all of the trade deals so we’re benefiting our workers, our companies, and our country,” Sanders said. “We’ll keep you posted.”

Unsatisfied with this response, Karem followed up by asking if President Trump plans to hold a solo press conference anytime soon, even though he talks to reporters almost every day. “Is there any chance we could get him out here to answer some questions from us anytime soon?” Karem pressed.

“I will certainly make sure that you guys are aware if he’s going to make an appearance,” Sanders replied. “He’s one of the most accessible presidents we’ve ever had. He gives feedback and answers questions in a variety of different ways,” she continued.

“Sometimes it’s through a press conference. Sometimes it’s chatting with you guys on the way to and from Marine One,” she added. “It’s often through Twitter, where he gets to speak directly to the American people and give exact information on what his thoughts and feelings are.”

It would seem ridiculous for a White House reporter to be wasting time on such an absurd line of questioning. Does Karem seriously expect Trump to “accomplish” his normal workload over Christmas?

However, it is likely that Karem had an ulterior motive for doing this, which wasn’t exactly honorable:

The contentious Karem has cooled his heels recently after being slammed for haranguing Sanders in September. Before that incident, most people had never heard of him. He had 450 Twitter followers before clashing with Sanders; he now has more than 82,000.

Brian Karem isn’t the only obscure leftist reporter who raised their profile by arguing with a White House press secretary. April Ryan was hired as a CNN analyst in June 2017, shortly after claiming former press secretary Sean Spicer had been “sexist” toward her because he asked her to stop interrupting him.

In November, Ryan was widely mocked for accusing Sarah Sanders — a Southern mom — of not baking her own pecan pie for Thanksgiving. Bless her heart. Two weeks later, Ryan whined that she wasn’t invited to the White House Christmas party. Boo-hoo. [Source: BizPac Review]

These pathetic reporters mock President Donald Trump for his antics, yet they engage in their own dog and pony show each day in the White House press room. What a bunch of hypocrites. President Trump accomplished far more over the Christmas holiday than these members of the media ever do. As for the list that Karem seems to so desperately want, the real question is, would the biased liberal media bother to report it if it were handed directly to them? Probably not. And, that’s why the President uses Twitter and his supporters love it.

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