WATCH: Cocky Obama Tries To Take Credit For Trump’s Booming Economy, Instantly Backfires

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Former President Barack Obama was perhaps the cockiest and most arrogant politician that we’ve ever had in the White House. However, he only further proved just that most recently after trying to take credit for President Donald Trump’s booming economy – too bad for him, his remarks instantly backfired.

WATCH: Cocky Obama Tries To Take Credit For Trump’s Booming Economy, Instantly Backfires
Lou Dobbs (left), Barack Obama (center), Gary Cohn (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, 2)

It shouldn’t take an economist to tell you that Barack Obama was the worst president that we’ve had in quite some time. In the end, he was the only president in the past 50 years not to have even a single year of 3% GDP growth.

In fact, Obama actually had the worst GDP growth of any postwar president with his best year being 2015 when the GDP grew 2.6%. Furthermore, his first year was actually negative. Of course, he blamed it all on George W. Bush, but the numbers speak for themselves.

Real GDP growth rate during Obama’s tenure as president, according to Statista:

  • 2009: -2.8
  • 2010:  2.5
  • 2011:  1.6
  • 2012:  2.2
  • 2013:  1.7
  • 2014:  2.4
  • 2015:  2.6
  • 2016:  1.5

Too bad for him, his numbers look even worse compared to what his successor has been able to do. According to Trading Economics, President Donald Trump has seen quarterly GDP rates of 1.2, 3.1, and 3.3 – numbers that would make any other past president drool, especially Obama.

Even better yet, the New York Federal Reserve revised its estimated fourth quarter GDP of 2017 to 3.93. Essentially, what this means is that Trump is looking at a GDP rate of 2.9 for his first year – or even more if the last few weeks trend higher than expected.

As one would imagine, Barack Obama wasn’t too happy after hearing the news that his best year ever was beaten in Donald Trump’s first year. Trying to do some damage control, he spoke to the public in Chicago just this week and actually had the nerve to take credit for Trump’s success thus far.

“We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far,” Obama said during his speech at the North American Climate Summit in Chicago. “A streak that still continues by the way. ‘Thanks, Obama.’”

Too bad for Obama, things immediately blew up in his face. Not only did this idiot have the audacity to lie, but he tried to steal as well. One look at his GDP numbers above shows very clearly that Obama wasn’t on an upward trend as his last year was actually his second worst year ever — and Trump’s first quarter reflects what Obama left for him, while the subsequent quarters show how Trump was able to improve on what he started with.

Somehow, in Obama’s head, it makes sense that Trump’s success can be attributed to, well, him. In all actuality, it’s a genius idea – blame others when you do bad (Bush) and claim responsibility when others do well (Trump). Sadly, idiot liberals swallowed it hook, line, and sinker – well, not everyone.

As it turns out, Fox News recently interviewed President Donald Trump’s Director of the National Economic Council, Gary Cohn, a former Democrat, on air — and boy did he get the last laugh… literally. Seen giggling the entire time at Obama’s sentiments, he then went on to point out many of Trump’s successes such as GDP growth and bringing back jobs.

At the end of the day, Obama is a joke. The fact that this guy still has any support whatsoever just goes to show how far down the toilet some people in this country have gone. Some liberals will believe anything – and sadly, that’s the only reason the Democrat Party is still around today.