Cohen Claims He ‘Started’ Trump’s Presidential Campaign, Gets Utterly Destroyed

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Micheal Cohen testified yesterday in front of the House Oversight Committee and immediately he was in hot water. “I have lied, but I am not a liar,” declared the disgraced attorney. If that wasn’t bad enough, Cohen claimed he was the one who had the initial idea to start Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. That was met with muffled laughter, and then he got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump (left) and Micheal Cohen (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Micheal Cohen’s testimony yesterday was filled with lies and falsehoods, but the one that most people are ignoring says so much about his character. The disbarred and disgraced attorney exclaimed he’s not a liar, but he has lied. He blames these arrogant outbursts on President Donald Trump. Everything Cohen has done wrong, every criminal action he took which benefitted himself and not the president, is Trump’s fault.

But when he took credit for starting Trump’s presidential election, it was downright ridiculous, and people laughed out loud. Yet, Cohen missed the laughs and kept up on going.

“Cohen, who’s set to serve three years behind bars for charges including fraud and campaign finance violations, told the committee that he ‘certainly did’ start Trump’s presidential campaign in 2011. The disbarred attorney claimed he triggered the run by starting a website called ShouldTrumpRun[dot]com,” the Daily Wire reports.

Oversight Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) found this hilarious.

“Now that’s news,” Jordan said to Cohen sarcastically. “Wow.

“That’s correct, 2011. It was my idea,” Cohen continued confidently. “I saw a document in the newspaper that said, ‘Who would you vote for in 2012?’ Six percent of the people said they’d vote for Donald Trump.”

“Michael Cohen: the reason why Donald Trump is president is because of Michael Cohen,” said Jordan mockingly.

Cohen, undeterred, said: “So I put it into his office and I said to him, ‘Mr. Trump.’ And he said, ‘Well wouldn’t this be great.’ And that is where it all started.”

“Yeah, okay,” Jordan continued to mock Cohen. “I’m sure, I’m sure, he had never thought about anything like that until you came along.” No one bought Cohen’s lies, especially this one.

Way back in 1988, during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Trump was asked by Oprah if he’d ever considered running for president.

Trump said he had no plans to run for the highest office in the land at the time because he didn’t have “the inclination” and liked his work so much, but he left a caveat: if things got so bad that he had to step in and run, he would. “If it got so bad, I wouldn’t want to rule it out totally,” he said.

Trump echoed a similar sentiment when he ran for president in 2016. In other words, it seems Trump had even vague ideas about running for president way back in 1988. Perhaps it wasn’t Cohen who can take credit for Trump’s 2016 run and eventual win.

Cohen also claimed Trump ran in 2016 never intending on winning. Well, we all know Donald Trump doesn’t do anything not to win. He even told Oprah in 1988 if he did run: “I would win!”

Americans found Cohen to be a big joke.

“@MichaelCohen212 so trump is a racist bigot BUT you liked him so much you were the one who STARTED his campaign for #potus?? Lol! You are the WORST LIAR IN THE WORLD!!” said Twitter user “Sharon B.”

“@JesseBWatters Topic for @TheFive? Cohen answers to DWS that it likely Trump would use philthy Russian contacts because do anything to WIN…then says he didn’t want to win the presidency? Later says he didn’t know DT would run for POTUS in 2012-13 but started campaign in 2011?” tweeted “Curious Thinker,” who brings us so many inconsistencies in Cohen’s testimony, it boggles the mind.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has worked closely with House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings to use Michael Cohen as the cornerstone to a carefully planned Democratic impeachment effort.

Working collaboratively with current officials inside the U.S. Department of Justice, specifically Robert Mueller and the Southern District of New York, Speaker Pelosi organized a deferment of a prison sentence for Mr. Cohen so he could testify to the House committees. Toward that end, and in fulfillment of his agreement to House Democrats via Lanny Davis, who is Cohen’s lawyer and known Clinton fixer, we see the Cohen testimony.

All of this is carefully designed. None of this is organic. Cohen had to testify to fulfill the Democratic snake’s plan even though he is not credible at all. This is how Pelosi and her gang will roll, and it’s up to the American people to fight back. Make sure all your family and friends know this is all a ruse to impeach President Trump. We can stop it by calling out these liars as attempting a soft coup to unseat our duly elected president.

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