Students Offered College Credit For Kavanaugh Protest Trip, Get Unwanted Surprise On Bus

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After a liberal professor offered students college credit if they took a trip to Washington, D.C., and protested Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the eager social justice warriors got an unwanted surprise on the bus.

Students Offered College Credit For Kavanaugh Protest Trip, Get Unwanted Surprise On Bus
After former economic and women and gender studies professor Susan Feiner (left) promised her students credit for attending a Brett Kavanaugh protest in Washington, D.C., they were all in for a big surprise. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Screenshot via YouTube)

Thanks to the rise of social justice, liberals have turned campuses for higher education into factories that assemble post-modernist ideologues whose only ability is to regurgitate leftist rhetoric and shut down opposing viewpoints. Disturbingly, this trend has produced a generation of millennials that do not know how to buy stamps but, by God, they can organize a safe space complete with coloring books and puppies faster than you can say “President Donald Trump.”

Ensuring that young voters carry on the liberal agenda, college professors are teaching students how to “resist” the current administration more than they are preparing them for obtaining a successful career upon graduating. In fact, some of these far-left academics are even offering extra credit to the most dedicated social justice warriors.

Earlier this week, former economics and women and gender studies professor Susan Feiner discreetly promised her students at the University of Southern Maine college credit for taking a trip to Washington, D.C., for an opportunity to protest Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In less than 24 hours, Feiner had organized the stealthy demonstration and loaded students up on a bus headed to the capital to support frivolous and unsubstantiated allegations that have utterly destroyed the entire Kavanaugh family. However, the day of the trip, Feiner and her gullible left-leaning students received an unwanted surprise courtesy of the university president.

According to The Blaze, USM officials discovered professor Susan Feiner’s promise to students of college credit for protesting Brett Kavanaugh hours before they arrived at their destination and immediately overruled her offer, making the students’ arduous 10-hour bus ride all for nothing.

University officials uncovered Feiner’s plan to offer her class extra credit for protesting against Kavanaugh, denouncing the professor’s partisan plot as “unacceptable” and informing students that they would not be receiving college credit for making the lengthy trip, the Press Herald reports.

“This pop-up course was hastily arranged in the past 24 hours, without the knowledge of the provost or myself. It was not appropriately reviewed nor went through proper channels,” President Glenn Cummings said in a statement to the Press Herald. “As soon as the provost and I were apprised of the course, we immediately pulled the one-credit offering. We also made sure that no USM monies were being used for the trip.”

“Dr. Feiner acted in a very rogue manner,” Cummings added to the Press Herald. “Her behavior was inappropriate. It was unacceptable.”

Feiner is actually a retired professor who still teaches during pop-up courses to USM students. However, her protest plan violated the university’s guidelines for organizing credited events, landing her in trouble with campus officials.

“University policy makes it absolutely clear that our public, taxpayer funded institutions must be non-partisan in terms of political activity and institutionally impartial in all political, religious, and social matters that are unrelated to our universities’ core mission of education, research and public service,” Cummings said.

Of course, realizing the hot water in which she’s landed, Feiner attempted to backtrack her promise, claiming that, although she made it known that she was making the trip to protest Kavanaugh, it wasn’t intended to encourage students to protest one way or another. However, she did confess to failing to fill out the proper forms for organizing such a trip.

“We’re not inviting them to protest,” Feiner said. “There was never a dime’s worth of university or taxpayer money involved.”

“I have to confess that because I was the person who wrote the grant I did not fill out the form. I was going to type it up on the bus,” she said. “It is on me. I didn’t fill out the form.” “It’s terrible to deny students such an incredible learning opportunity. Social justice is not a partisan issue. There is nothing seditious about students taking a bus to Washington, D.C., in a historic moment,” she said. “Their senator is in the epicenter of it.”

Although Feiner claims that the trip wasn’t funded by the university or taxpayers, the Maine Republican Party reminded the public that their hard-earned money is going toward Feiner’s courses, which are undoubtedly politically partisan in nature.

“The University of Maine uses your tax dollars, offers college credits to protest Senator Collins in Washington, D.C.,” the Party’s Facebook post says.

“UMaine students are told that they can earn a free credit if they hop on a free bus ride down to Washington, D.C. to protest Senator Collins. The event page goes so far as to ask if students are Okay with being arrested. That will look good on a job application when they graduate,” the Republican post says.

The university has attempted to distance itself from the radical leftist professor, explaining that “she is not teaching here” since she retired after working as a professor at USM for over 30 years. However, Feiner is still associated with the Francis Perkins Institute and offers between 6 and 12 pop-courses each semester.

Leftist ideologues like Susan Feiner are making social justice warriors of our youths, crippling them in the area of critical thought in order to push the liberal agenda. Post-modern courses that perpetuate the far-left ideology, such as gender studies, must be defunded and dismantled. The way to do this is to penalize universities that offer them by withdrawing our charitable donations.

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