College Girls Catch The Attention Of Sportscasters When Selfies Go Too Far

During sporting events, one would think that controversy would be found mostly between the players of the team — that a fight would break out or an umpire throws a coach out of a game for misconduct, but many people would not think it would be the sportscasters making waves. However, that is what happened at a televised game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies on September 30.

During the baseball game, Fox Sports commentators Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly encouraged the fans to take selfies of themselves for a T-Mobile promotion. A group of sorority girls were perched in the stands and gladly obliged to the challenge. The sportscasters took notice of the young women taking selfie after selfie and began to mock them.

In the dialogue, a sportscaster said, “Look at the one on the right, do you have to make faces when you take selfies?”

The sportscasters continue the barrage of mockery with things such as “Wait, one more now … I’m checking, did that one come out OK?” and “That’s the best one of the 300 pictures that I’ve taken of myself today!”

The bewilderment continued, with one saying, “Every girl in the picture is locked into her phone. Every single one is dialed in. Welcome to parenting in 2015. They’re all just completely transfixed by the technology.”

Apparently, not knowing selfie conduct, they became baffled over the ladies taking pictures while eating their food, commenting, “Here’s my first bite of the churro, here’s my second bite of the churro.”

Finally, one of the sportscasters says what many of us are thinking, “You know the beauty of baseball is you can sit next to your neighbor and have a conversation. Or you can just completely ignore them.”

There is no doubt that people today take selfies a lot, which is a phenomenon that I am still perplexed over. While I can understand taking a quick photo with friends to document a good time, it seems to be out of control. The younger generation has already been accused of being self-absorbed and vain, and with current technology, it only has increased.

These girls were not being mocked because they took pictures of themselves, but because of the amount of pictures they took. The world around is imploding, and because people are more concerned with their image on social media sites, they are missing opportunities to connect with other people in a real way.

If the younger generation took an interest in current events as much as they did with their phones, we would be in a much better place.

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