College Brat Drops To Knee During Anthem, Then His Teammates Drop Brutal Hammer On Him

A Pennsylvania college student was in for a bit more than he bargained after breaking a promise to his team and kneeling for the National Anthem. Unfortunately for the punk who dropped to his knee, he was about to get smacked with some instant justice – and that’s about the time his teammates dropped a brutal hammer of their own right on the sniveling brat.

College Brat Drops To Knee During Anthem, Then His Teammates Drop Brutal Hammer On Him
Gyree Durante (Photo Credit: Screenshot/NBC 10)

Gyree Durante was a backup quarterback for the Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. However, it seems that things have recently changed after he and his team had a little discussion before their most recent game.

According to NBC 10, apparently, there was some tension among the players when it came to the appearance of unity. Like so many NFL ingrates right now, Durante wanted to “protest” the national anthem.

From the sounds of it, the coach would have been fine with it but wanted the team to act in agreement with one another – either they were all kneeling or all standing. One way or another, there was going to be cohesion among the group because they were a team.

After talking about it, Durante was in the minority by what seems to be quite a lot and eventually agreed that he would stand for the national anthem. All the way leading up to the game, he promised his teammates that he would stand – but then it came time to follow through.

Despite making all those promises and coming to an agreement with his team as a whole, Durante did the cowardly thing and knelt during the national anthem despite previously saying otherwise. As one would imagine, everyone was immediately irritated, frustrated, and felt betrayed, and they weren’t about to take the act of disrespect lying down.

“We trusted him throughout the week, after time and time again he told us he would stand. When you can’t have a player on a team that you can trust, he’s got to go,” Freshman defensive end Josh Powell said.

Unfortunately for Durante, his entire team was about to drop a brutal hammer on him for dropping to a knee during his little stunt, as IJ Review reports. “One football player, unbeknownst to the coach and the team, chose not to support the decision of the leadership council and team,” an Albright College spokesman said, referring to Durante. “He has been dismissed from the team but remains a valued member of the Albright College student body.”

As for the former college quarterback, he’s taken to whining about the decision – and so have his parents. “At some point in life, there’s going to be a time when you’ve got to take a stand,” said Durante. “For me, it just happened to be on Saturday afternoon.”

Of course, he’s right, but he’s missing another point. Chances are, at some point in your life, you will have to take a stand – but you have to pick your battles and evaluate whether your pursuit has any validity. You also have to realize that taking a stand doesn’t mean you won’t face consequences. You don’t get to just do every disrespectful thing you feel like and call it “making a stand,” expecting not to be held accountable. In the end, Durante simply hurt himself and only has himself to blame.

After all, he was officially kicked off the team for “violating team unity,” and it was all for nothing because his little “protest” didn’t help any cause. Instead, it showed his true colors as a teammate. We’ve all heard it before, there is no “I” in team, and Durante broke everyone’s trust. A man is only as good as his word, and after how this self-righteous brat behaved, he got exactly what he deserved.

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