Collins: Kangaroo Court! Nadler’s Dirty Trick At Midnight To Manipulate Americans

Most Americans were sleeping last night when Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler pulled a dirty trick. Ranking GOP Member Doug Collins was stunned as Nadler stopped the hearing which was slated to go on for another hour or so. Instead, Nadler, who told the GOP they would be voting on impeachment last night, adjourned the hearing without a vote. In fact, this was done for one reason: to manipulate the American people. Don’t miss this.

Jerry Nadler, Doug Collins (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Why would Jerry Nadler refuse to consult the GOP Ranking Member Doug Collins before adjourning the impeachment hearing without a vote?

Nadler got his instructions from the Democrat brain trust to stop the hearing and pick it up today at 10:00 am so that they could have one last shot at manipulating Americans. No one was watching at midnight for the vote, and this would be the last time the Democrats would be in control of impeachment.

Republicans exploded in outrage. Ranking Member Doug Collins protested angrily that the sudden schedule change had not been discussed with the opposition.

“Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman,” Collins said. “There was no consulting with the Ranking Member for your schedule for tomorrow which you’ve just blown up schedules for everyone? You chose not to consult the Ranking Member on a scheduling issue of this magnitude? This is the kangaroo court we’ve been talking about!”

Other Republicans interjected as Nadler gaveled the hearing closed. “Stalinist!” Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) shouted. Others said that Nadler’s move was symbolic of the arbitrary rule they had come to expect on the committee.

Reporters were also stunned. “We are genuinely surprised, all of us,” MSNBC anchor Brian Williams said. Correspondent Garrett Haake agreed, noting that there had been “genuine anger” from Republicans at being blindsided.

Collins vented his frustration as the cameras rolled. “Chairman Nadler’s integrity is zero. His staff is zero,” Collins told the press. “That was the most Bush-league play I have ever seen in my life because they just want to get in front of the camera.”

“And if the American people wondered about this impeachment anyone, they don’t have to wonder anymore, they saw what happened right here tonight,” Collins continued. “Because this committee is more concerned about getting on TV in the morning than it was finishing its job tonight and letting the members go home.”

Everyone — Democrats, Republicans, and journalists — had expected a vote, after a debate that began at 7:00 p.m. the night before, continued well into the night, reconvened at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, and ended at about 11:15 p.m.

“They do not care about rules. They have one thing: their hatred of Donald Trump. And this showed it.” Collins said, accusing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of controlling the schedule instead of Nadler.

A reporter asked Collins why did it matter whether the vote happened tonight or tomorrow, to which Collins responded, “The reason we had this tonight is we had worked this out tonight to finish up tonight [because] we have members who have flights, we have members who are getting on trains, we have members who are going home because this was going to finish up tonight. But to not even consult the Ranking Member, to not even give us a heads up, this is all we heard, and we had been consulting back and forth in the last few minutes and how we were going to end the speaking tonight … that was the most lack of integrity thing I have ever seen by a member of Congress, especially a Chairman.”

Trump supporters were livid. This just proved it’s the Democrats who are abusing power. 

“The fiasco within the House Judiciary Committee assembling articles for impeachment went from partisan bias to unilaterally ridiculous when Chairman Nadler used banana republic tactics to adjourn the committee and simultaneously schedule a vote on the two articles of impeachment for 10:00 am tomorrow,” Conservative Treehouse reports. 

“Obviously the House Democrats are beginning to panic as each day American voter support is dropping fast.  Combine that political reality with an international earthquake in the U.K. elections, and the reverberations travel into the impeachment debate.  It is clear from their behavior that Pelosi and Nadler need to finish this mess; and fast,” CTH adds.

The bottom line is the Democrats know this will be the last time they will be in control of this impeachment process, and they are so desperate to change Americans’ minds. They just had to get back on TV when they would have an audience. Most people are sick of this, and this stunt will just anger Americans who don’t want to hear the Democrats say the same ridiculous argument over and over again.

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