Colorado Thug Brutally Assaults Cop, Didn’t See Who Was Around The Corner Until Too Late

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Adams County Sheriff’s Department Cruiser, Gabriel Garcia (inset) (Photo Credit: Facebook/Adams County Sheriff’s Department)

A Colorado sheriff’s deputy was recently caught by surprise when the thug he was chasing disappeared behind a fence. As the officer jumped the fence to catch the bad guy, he was instantly met with a brutal assault, which would have been life-threatening except for one thing — the thug didn’t see who was coming around the corner until it was too late.

According to Blue Lives Matter, an Adams County Sheriff’s deputy was called to investigate a trespasser in Shaw Heights on Sunday, August 6, 2017, at approximately 1 a.m. As the deputy located a suspect and attempted to speak with him, the punk took off running. Thinking he would get away from the deputy who was now chasing him on foot, the thug disappeared behind a fence. The deputy jumped the fence in pursuit and was immediately attacked by the suspect, who police later identified as 25-year-old Gabriel Garcia.

Too bad for this punk, he never saw the deputy’s K-9 coming around the corner. Perhaps Garcia thought he could assault the deputy without dealing with the dog from his perceived safety behind the fence and latched gate, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

According to the sheriff’s office, the deputy’s K-9 partner Lex simply reached up and unlatched the gate with his paw and immediately handled business. Within moments, Garcia tapped out and was cuffed due to the threat of Lex’s teeth and his healthy dislike for dirt bags.

Canine Lex (Photo Credit: Facebook/Adams County Sheriff’s Department)

Garcia was photographed for a mugshot (seen at the beginning of this article) wearing bandages that he reportedly needed around his neck after his run in with canine Lex, according to ABC Denver. That is a job well-done.

According to Adams County Sheriff’s Facebook page, canine Lex is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, aka “a land shark or Maligator” in the law enforcement community. Lex has served with the Adams County Sheriff’s Department since February 2015 and is certified in narcotics and police patrol through the Colorado Police Canine Association and National Police Canine Association.

The deputy who was injured in the line of duty that day was taken to the hospital for treatment. Thanks to his tenacity and good work by his “land shark” Lex, his injuries were not life-threatening.

Our deputies view canine Lex as a hero for saving the day. We appreciate everyone in the K-9 Unit and their hard work to keep us safe,” said Adams County Undersheriff Harold Lawson.

Thanks to the effective team work of the brave deputy and canine Lex, Garcia is now behind bars at Adams County Detention Facility. The District Attorney has charged Garcia with attempted first-degree murder and assault in the attack on the deputy. He is being held on a $500,000 bond until trial.

Many Facebook users commented with gratitude and praise on the Adams County Sheriff’s Department post. One of those respondents said it best when she wrote, “LEX is THAT intelligent, loyal, trusted, expertly trained True Friend, who respects, loves n protects his Master..That kind of devotion is a ‘pure bond’ for life, THAT can never be ‘bought’! May LEX and his Officer have many exceptional safe days ahead, GOD Bless them BOTH!!!”

I couldn’t agree more. Our prayers go out to the deputy and his family as he recuperates from his injuries. It is truly a blessing to have men like him serving in our law enforcement community.

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