Comey Comes Clean On Trump, Admits One Thing That’s Causing Liberals To Explode

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James Comey (left), a crying liberal (right)

Former Director James Comey has released a statement on what he will testify to under oath on Capitol Hill. Immediately, liberals’ heads started to explode after one thing that Comey revealed proves President Donald Trump is telling the truth, and no spin machine can make that disappear. You’ll love how CNN and MSNBC are grasping at straws as Trump is getting the last laugh on his enemies.

Comey’s statement says that Trump sought help ending any probe of former national security adviser Flynn, reiterating previously published reports about such claims. Trump did not ask to do anything illegal nor did any of it have to do with Russia. Trump wanted a speedy conclusion to the Flynn investigation, that’s all.

Fox News reports on one or their last conversations, saying, “Comey said Trump called him on March 30 and complained that the Russia probe was a ‘cloud’ over his administration. Comey claimed Trump asked what could be done to ‘lift the cloud.'” Comey statement is lengthy, and because Comey is a drama queen, he leaves some things up to his own speculation:

“I had understood the President to be requesting that we drop any investigation of Flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in December. I did not understand the President to be talking about the broader investigation into Russia or possible links to his campaign. I could be wrong, but I took him to be focusing on what had just happened with Flynn’s departure and the controversy around his account of his phone calls.” [via Fox News]

Comey’s statement proves Trump was not worried about any investigation into his campaign and Russia. Truly, if Trump was consumed with anxiety over his involvement with the big bad Russians, then he would have been asking Comey to do something about that investigation, and Trump never even mentioned it. Comey also goes on to confirm that he told Trump three times he was not under investigation.

The liberal loons and the Democratic Party are trying to spin this as something it’s not. What else can they do? They are so ingrained with the Russia fake conspiracy, they will not give it up easily. GOP officials have weighed in and said, “President Trump was right.”

The liberals are holding on, twisting Trump asking Comey to go easy on Flynn as “obstruction of justice.” That is ridiculous. You can “ask” anything you want, you can “hope for” anything you want — that’s not obstruction. Even Comey says there was no obstruction, so the liberals have nothing.

Well, President Trump, calling this a witch hunt, is spot on. Legal experts are weighing in, and it’s being called a “big nothing burger.” One thing is clear, Comey is a huge drama queen. They whole memo reads like a teen girls diary with his assumptions and speculations, but the bottom line is, Trump did not do anything wrong. You’ll see the worst liberal nutjobs being in a state of denial and then anger, they’ll go through all the stages of grief. Patriots can feel relieved and vindicated, so let’s get back to making America great again.

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