Comey’s Disgusting Act In Oval Office, Liberals Freak Out Over Satire Piece

President Trump in Oval Office (left), James Comey in Oval Office (right)

The American Spectator is a well-known conservative news site, but it’s fed-up with James Comey’s bogus “memo” and his attempt to get back at President Donald Trump. So, they published a satire piece on Comey doing a disgusting act while in the Oval Office, and the liberal loons are freaking out as it goes viral. You’re going to love how Comey gets roasted, and the reaction from the left is priceless.

With the epidemic of fake news going on, especially from their beloved mainstream media, it’s no wonder leftists don’t recognize a satire piece when they read it. Unfortunately for them, Sean Hannity just made it worse by reporting this disgusting James Comey story before revealing its satirical nature later in his broadcast, but the damage had already been done.

Mimicking the unsubstantiated articles by New York Times which use “anonymous sources” to validate anything they print against President Donald Trump, the American Spectator accused James Comey of blowing his nose on the Oval Office curtains, saying it was all caught on video.

The nose blowing took place in the Oval Office after President Donald J. Trump excused himself for several minutes to take a call from his wife Melania. Mr. Comey was alone. A picture of President Andrew Jackson was clearly visible in the background. Whether Mr. Comey’s act involved the destruction of government property is at this point in time still unknown, though he has a powerful nose and the curtains are fragile.

As for now, the surveillance tapes have been handed over to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who will make a determination as to possible criminality of Mr. Comey’s actions. Destruction of government property is punishable by as much as three years in prison and a fine. [Source: American Spectator]

Hannity read the account in a breathless rendering that fooled many liberals listening in. Hannity’s plan was to wait until the end of his three-hour radio show to then admit to the audience that it was all a big joke, and patriots were having a good laugh over it on social media.

The satire article goes on, mocking the mainstream media about their sources, writing, “Among The Spectator’s sources were three current and former U. S. officials who cannot be identified because of their prior commitments. Also, there has been an additional problem with one of them, the former government official who has a drinking problem.”

Hannity’s radio manager got concerned when their phones lit up with liberals screaming because the story had “no named sources and one is a drunkard.” Oh, the irony. This illustrates just how nutty the infamous “Comey memo” really is, proving anyone can write anything they want, including a memo, at any time. It shows exactly why big news sources like the New York Times are compromised by publishing hard news with no named sources.

Donald Trump is right. Never before have we seen anything even close to the madness coming out of Washington, D.C. It must be reiterated that the President of the United States has every right to fire the Director of the FBI for any reason. The FBI Director works under the discretion of the president, and when the president says you’re done, you’re done. Don’t let the liberal media fool you into thinking Trump did anything wrong firing Comey.

James Comey is doubling down, working with the rats in Washington, D.C., and he is a narcissist who can’t stand that he screwed up on the Hillary Clinton investigation and has now been fired. It was not only by President Trump’s standards but by numerous high-level attorneys, from both political parties, who weighed in, and all concluded Comey overstepped his bounds when he unilaterally let Hillary go without being indicted. It was wrong then, it was not his call to make, and I hope that scumbag is run out of town by Trump. I don’t think he realizes who he is messing with.

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