Smug Comey Leaks To Press, Not Laughing Later When Trump Issues Bold Threat

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Smug Comey Leaks To Press, Not Laughing Later As Trump Issues Bold Threat
President Donald Trump (left), James Comey (right)

Although former FBI Director James Comey tried to play it off as though he wasn’t all that bothered by his abrupt termination, it seems that he wasn’t exactly being honest. In fact, it’s being suggested that the disgruntled former employee recently leaked information to the press, but he wasn’t laughing just a few hours later when President Donald Trump issued a bold threat.

During an NBC interview on Thursday, Trump decided to explain a few things regarding his recent termination of the head of the FBI. In fact, he started out by saying that Comey had requested a dinner with him, during which he asked to stay on as the director of the FBI.

Trump went on to say that Comey told him three times — twice over the phone and once at their dinner meeting — that he was not the subject of any FBI investigations. However, the president’s statements have since come under question on behalf of “two unidentified sources.”

Officials told NBC that the White House requested the dinner meeting, not Comey. A former senior official said that Comey would never have told the president he was not under investigation.

“Two people who have heard his account of the dinner” told The New York Times that Trump asked Comey to pledge his political loyalty at the dinner — but was rebuffed by Comey, who promised honesty but not loyalty. [Source: The Hill]

However, it seems that at least one of those sources may not be your simple “Joe-Shmoe” on Capitol Hill. According to The Telegraph, Trump took to Twitter to unmask one of those sources as he issued a bold threat directly aimed at Comey himself:

As one would imagine, the bold and vague threat most likely wiped the smug grin off Comey’s face after he decided to sneak around in the shadows. Of course, we don’t know exactly what Trump means in terms of an end result, but it’s safe to assume that it won’t be pretty if he finds any such “tapes.”

Things are looking bad enough for Comey right now. Mad World News previously reported that a few of his former subordinates (agents still working in the FBI) are willing to come forward. Furthermore, they suggest that the former FBI director went out of his way to ensure that Hillary Clinton didn’t get into trouble, and they’re willing to testify to that.

If Comey thinks that his firing was bad and embarrassing, Trump’s ominous warning seems to indicate that things can always get worse. After all, when you lie to the President of the United States, well, you don’t have to be a genius to see why that’s an incredibly bad idea.

If anything, Trump has proven himself to be a man that you do not want to cross. Unfortunately for Comey, he has the added stain of corruption that he carries around with him all the time. It’s why Democrats wanted him fired, and it’s ultimately why Trump terminated his career with the FBI. Of course, now we’re seeing the left attack Trump for doing what they essentially wanted.

When you mess with the bull, you get the horns – and, at this point, Trump is only getting warmed up. Comey was just one of many to go in the long list of names needed to drain the swamp.