‘WELCOME TO HELL’: Commie Thugs Hear Trump’s Coming, Attack Cops To Send Him Sick Message

Anti-Trump protesters violently rally against the G-20 conference being held in Europe.

Trump-hating protestors erupted into violent chaos on Thursday night in Hamburg, Germany, upon President Donald Trump’s arrival. Seventy-six European police have been brutally attacked while trying to tame the riots as the communist thugs attack law enforcement officers in order to send Trump a sick message.

Violence broke out near a plaza and has continued to grow by the tens of thousands. German police in armored vans sprayed some of the hardcore anti-capitalists with water and pepper spray while trying to tame the mass of chaos. The protests continued to double and triple in size while German police called for backup to help protect their forces.

Helmeted officers battling to keep order after 100,000 protesters poured into the city for their ‘Welcome To Hell’ protest against the meeting of world leaders.

Police say they repeatedly asked a group of demonstrators to remove their masks and hoods but instead officers were hit with bottles and bricks – breaking the window of a riot van. [Source: Daily Mail]

Police officers have been severely injured after being pelted with water bottles and cars were set on fire. They have been striking back, fighting protesters off with water cannons, but the anti-Trump protesters keep out-numbering them.

Meanwhile, dramatic courses of action are having to be taken by German police in order to protect government officials attending the G20 Summit nearby.

Police claimed up to 8,000 extremists, some armed with home-made weapons, are targeting the summit, which is surrounded by a ring of steel. [Source: Mirror]

The ‘Welcome to Hell’ protesters have shot lasers at police helicopters, blinding them, and even hospitalized a police officer after shooting a firework straight into the sky aiming for the pilots. Hamburg Police Chief Ralf Martin Meyer has made it know that he is worried after confiscating so many weapons from the protestors.

“In the last few days we’ve seized improvised weapons like slingshots, ball bearings, and fire extinguishers filled with flammable liquid which were intended for use against police officers,” said Meyer. “The amount of tools and weapons we found make us very concerned.”

A giant inflatable ‘Black Block’ is carried during the ‘Welcome to Hell’ rally against the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Many of the protestors were caught pepper spraying police and continued to grow more violent as police tried to intervene. However, police are fully prepared to deal with the Trump-hating criminals as the violence continues to erupt.

President Donald Trump is just one of the many world leaders who will be attending the G-20 conference in Europe this week, where he will promote American trade and the best interests of our country. This, of course, is the most irritating concept to Trump-haters and the reason behind the violence. These anti-Trump/anti-American snowflakes want the worst for American people and are simultaneously dragging other countries down the black hole with them.