Commission Studied Parkland Shooting, Offers Recommendation For All Teachers

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Last February, a lone gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Many people were hurt or killed. The shooting sparked a renewed, nationwide debate about schools, violence, and the role of guns in our society. Now, a Florida commission investigating the mass shooting has released their findings. One thing they recommend will have many outraged.

Gun control advocates have pointed to Parkland as an excuse to ban private ownership of guns. (Photo Credit: Heather Mount/Unsplash)

The Parkland shooting left America shocked and horrified. We’ve seen school shootings before. But the events surrounding Parkland were just too horrible to believe. Ultimately, the worst part was that 17 people were killed, mostly students.

This event created a new movement to ban guns, not just from schools but the country. The “March for Our Lives” spectacle — lead by Democrats and a few Parkland survivors — was an attempt to get young people on board with gun control.

The shooting made high school students celebrities, for a short time. Some of the survivors got on CNN and other news programs, claiming to now be experts in the area of gun violence. These children quickly left the spotlight, except for a few still demanding attention.

In the aftermath of the shooting, a Florida commission investigated what went on. The 15-member board released their findings, a 446-page reporting which contains their proposals. These recommendations are meant to ensure school safety and fewer shootings in the future.

What was their top recommendation? That teachers arm themselves.

Sorry, David Hogg, you lose again!

A Florida commission investigating the shooting massacre at a Parkland school has issued an initial report on Wednesday and recommended that teachers who volunteer to undergo firearms training, should be allowed to carry guns…

Now, it’s in the hands of Gov. Rick Scott, Governor-elect Ron DeSantis and the legislature.

The legislature would have to approve the proposal to allow teachers to carry guns. It’s opposed by the teachers union and the PTA…

The 458-page report also blamed school security failures and law enforcement blunders from assistant principals and Broward County Sheriff’s deputies to social service providers and the FBI — some of whom were warned that Cruz was a potential security threat but failed to take action, the Miami Herald reported. [Source: Fox News]

The police, the school, and even the FBI did nothing. They all have the blood of the victims on their hands.

What’s most amazing about this report is that they are recommending teachers arm themselves. This has been something many 2nd Amendment supporters have been saying.

Even with security guards, metal detectors, and other steps to ensure safety, a dangerous person might still enter a school. Teachers and students are sitting ducks, as a gunman can walk through halls unchallenged.

Is one or two safety officers enough? What if they are gunned down? What if they do nothing?

Teachers should be able to protect themselves and their classes. “Gun free zones” do nothing but ensure law-abiding Americans are defenseless. The scumbag who killed those children didn’t care that the school was “gun free.”

You better believe that Democrats will challenge this report as much as they can. They will do everything in their power to block legislation that will allow teachers to arm themselves. That sounds crazy, but these are liberals we are talking about.

They don’t want Americans armed and protected. They’d rather have us weak, scared, and dependent on the government.

Everyone needs to learn about this amazing report. More states need to embrace this policy, so events like Parkland never happen again.