‘Heartsick’ Communists Whine About America But Immediatly Get Schooled

There are two men in politics in the United States who are more communist than they are Democrat. Unfortunately, both were voted into power and both now have a desire to see the Constitutional Republic America was founded on go up in flames in favor of tyrannical fascism.

Bernie Sanders lost the election to Hillary Clinton because of rigging within the Democrat party’s super delegates. This is all proven when looking at the John Podesta emails that were leaked by WikiLeaks. What’s frightening is that he and his socialist policies stood a chance.

Sanders ran his presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton by promoting a communist society disguised as “democratic socialism.” He wanted massive tax hikes and to somehow magically legislate equality by making everyone equally poor, and he’s one of the men who believe that America should scrap the electoral college after yesterday’s vote, which confirmed Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

Sanders was literally screwed out of the nomination by communist policies within the Democratic National Committee, yet he still thinks crushing freedom is a good idea.

Unfortunately, Sanders isn’t the only elected communist who thinks America should see it’s citizen fall to their knees to worship the all-mighty government. New York City mayor and elector, Bill deBlasio, is actually a communist, and he thinks the entire country should be as well.

As an elector, de Blasio found himself inside the belly of the beast Monday, and the process made him “heartsick.” Unsurprisingly, this is a man who takes it personally when New Yorkers patronize Chick-fil-A restaurants against his wishes.

If one person, one vote is the only fair way, we’d better also scrap the Senate and House of Representatives, in favor of a popular vote among the people. Sorry, Sanders and de Blasio, the United States is not a direct democracy, and it was never set up that way. Straight democracy fails and our Founders knew and attempted to prevent that, giving us the electoral college.

De Blasio was put in his place after his ignorant tweet, though. Yet, it’s still hard to imagine that, like Adolf Hitler, this communist was actually elected by people who must desire to be owned and controlled by the government.

It isn’t an opinion that these men are communists, it’s actually a fact. The definition of communism, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production.” Both these men think that taking others’ property and redistributing it according to their whims is a morally acceptable way to handle a society, so pardon me for not taking either seriously when they say that the destruction of our Constitutional Republic is the “only” way.

H/T [Twitchy]