Computer Nerd Hires Psychotic Prostitute, Horrified At Sick Gift She Left In His Head

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An IT security specialist from Washington state recently made the horrific decision to hire a prostitute, thinking it would be a great experience because she called herself an “escort.” Much to his dismay, the hooker he hired turned out to be a psychopath. Now, the story has gone viral after the perverted geek ended up in brain surgery after the sick gift she left in his head.

Marissa Wallen (Background), Marissa Wallen in court (inset) (Photo Credits: Facebook/Marissa Wallen, Skagit County Sheriff’s Department)

According to The New York Post, the shocking incident took place on Saturday, October 21, 2017. Police said that 21-year-old Marissa Wallen was hired as an escort by a 36-year-old IT services specialist, whom neighbors described as “quiet.”

According to video footage taken from the security cameras at the victim’s apartment, Wallen was seen entering the apartment at approximately 8:45 p.m. and then leaving close to 10 p.m. What happened in those couple of hours is truly sickening.

Police said that while Wallen and the victim were in the apartment, she shot him in the back of the head with a handgun, then took his gun and credit cards before leaving to spend $12,000.00 of his money, according to the Herald Net of Everett, Washington.

The victim’s employer became concerned after he did not check in for three days and reported it to the police. When police arrived at his apartment, they found the victim barely alive and slumped against a wall. There was dried blood on his head and two shell casings nearby that did not match the caliber of his stolen handgun, according to the police.

Although the victim was unable to speak when the police found him, he was able to indicate that his attacker was someone he knew. That’s when police pulled the security footage from the surveillance cameras at the apartment building and found that Wallen had visited the victim five times in October.

Marissa Wallen (Photo Credit: Facebook/Marissa Wallen)

In regards to the victim’s horrific ordeal, his neighbors Mark Barnum said, “I was stunned on Tuesday when the first detective came to our door.” The detective reportedly told Barnum that his neighbor was shot twice in the head. Barnum told KIRO-TV that he “heard what sounded like two or three taps coming from the wall,” adding, “It was notable because we don’t usually hear anything.”

Barnum remarked that the tapping sound he heard could have been from a hammer. “It’s just kind of shocking to think perhaps that was maybe — maybe those were the shots. Maybe it was the victim. And I feel really badly that I was unable to help,” Barnum said.

Another neighbor told KIRO that he knew the victim worked in a high tech industry. “He keeps to himself a lot, he’s got his computer stuff up there. He handles a lot of websites, IT security,” Erik Buxton told KIRO. Buxton said the victim “liked to kind of flash his money a little bit,” adding, “It’s what’s going to happen — you’re going to attract negative people along the way.”

The victim’s friends and family reportedly told police that he rarely left his apartment. But lately, they said, he’d made a habit of visiting strip clubs in Seattle, where he’d tell the dancers about how much money he made and brag about his possessions. After they checked his bank accounts, detectives found that three of his credit cards had been used 82 times in Mount Vernon and Burlington from October 22, to November 5.

Wallen wasn’t very smart, and her lack of any common sense found her behind bars soon enough. Police tracked the victim’s credit cards, which Wallen had started using almost immediately. Store security cameras showed Wallen using the credit cards in multiple locations in the same town. Police arrested Wallen at her home in Mount Vernon, Washington, on Tuesday.

When police questioned Wallen about what happened, her story changed several times before she finally admitted that she shot the victim twice in the back of the head, “because he was performing oral sex wrong.” This woman is missing a few marbles in her own head, and now, she will pay the price for being both violent and stupid.

Shockingly, Wallen was charged with first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, and first-degree identity theft. Why wasn’t she charged with attempted murder? Washington is an ultra-liberal state, so perhaps they went easy on Wallen because she has an 11-month-old child. Wallen is being held on $1 million dollars bail.

According to KIRO, another suspect named Jenner Matthews was arrested in the case. Wallen made payments to Matthews through Facebook using the victim’s accounts, according to the probable-cause court document.

Sometimes karma is a brutal teacher. It looks like the victim’s taste for prostitutes landed him in a world of hurt he never expected. I’d have to agree with his neighbor when he said that when you start talking about how much money you have and you hang out with shady characters, it won’t be long until trouble finds you.

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