Concealed Carrier Saved A Life… But Should Have Done ONE Thing Differently

California concealed carry permits are few and far between, and for those lucky enough to get the elusive permission from the state to carry a loaded gun, this story could serve as an important lesson. Hopefully, the victim in this story will now be able to rest easier knowing that he’s alive, but he would have been far better off by doing one small thing differently.

Fresno, California is not a hotbed for violence, unlike Oakland. However, crime does happen as one concealed carrier found out the hard way. Sometime around 5:15 am Friday, a worker employed with the city’s sanitation department made his way to an ATM to withdraw some cash for his lunch later that day. As the man collected his $20 bill, he heard a voice behind him say something to the effect of “it sure is cold out here.” When the soon-to-be victim turned around, he was hit in the neck with a stun gun, then stunned in the lower back.


The victim managed to somehow work his way back to his parked car where his gun was located. He had a concealed carry permit, yet the gun wasn’t on his body. Lesson learned, hopefully, because after being stunned, he was lucky to get back to his vehicle to retrieve his weapon.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the victim then ordered the thug, now known as 32-year-old Jeremy Lynd of Elk Grove, to the ground. Initially, Lynd complied until a woman, 31-year-old Bobbie-Sue Alexandra Nicole Sevier of Ceres, pulled up yelling at Lynd to get in her getaway car.

She struck the victims vehicle, and he feared for his life, thinking she may try to run him over, so he fired his gun at the car. Sevier ran into a Starbucks after being struck in the leg by a bullet while Lynd took off in the fog on foot.  Sevier was arrested a short time later in the coffee shop, and Lynd is still at large.

According to ABC30, “The victim was a law enforcement officer for 14 years with extensive police training.” The outlet further states that Fresno police believe the shooting was justified at this point.

The lesson of the day here is glaringly obvious. If you are one of the few humans in the state of California to actually be able to get a concealed carry permit, your gun should be on your body at all times. Luckily, this man had police training, but if you are legally allowed to carry in a state that hands out very few permits, please do so. Any slight variation of circumstances in this incident could have been detrimental to the victim. His last thought would have probably been “I wish I could have gotten to my gun.” Lesson learned.

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