Concealed Carry Permit Holders Recieve Startling Letter From Nazi-Sheriff

Concealed carry permit holders in one California county are now at risk after receiving a startling letter from the sheriff’s office in the mail.

Contra Costa County in the Bay area of the socialist dystopia known as California has a very liberal and almost communist sheriff in charge. These are scary times for gun owners in the Golden State, and unfortunately, this sheriff is not protecting the rights of gun owners, as they found out after receiving a very startling letter that should leave gun owners everywhere extremely troubled. Right now, it’s Contra Costa County, but is your county next?

It’s already almost impossible to actually obtain a concealed carry permit from the sheriff’s department in Contra Costa county. The approval rate is a measly 17% and only 317 of the estimated 1.1 million residents have actually been able to get the county’s permission to exercise their natural rights. What’s more, 290 of those residents are “non-law enforcement,” meaning very few “average citizens” in a county of over one million residents have been successful at being allowed to exercise their second amendment rights in the liberal-land of Contra Costs county.

Then, they got the troubling letter. The most disturbing part of the letter reads, “In compliance with the law, the Office of the Sheriff will soon be releasing your name and city of residence as a CCW permit holder in response to the ABC7 News request.”

A sample of a CCW permit from the state of California.

After ABC7 news demanded information from the sheriff’s department, including names and addresses of the very few concealed carry permit holders, the sheriff complied with very few eliminations of personal information. “City location” was even given, although the sheriff did decline to give out the actual physical address of permit holders in the county.

“We try and balance the needs of the public and the people who want or need access to the information to ensure everyone’s safety,” Lt. Nate McCormack told East County Today.

The release of these names has nothing to do with public safety. The holders of these permits paid exorbitant fees and jumped through California’s ridiculous and unconstitutional CCW permit process. They are not felons and have not even had so much as a misdemeanor traffic violation. They likely carry in the grocery store or while out and about while no one around them is any wiser to the fact that they are, indeed, armed.

There’s only one way to take the release of this information. This is a witch hunt, and nothing less, of those who are exercising rights which the California government feels they shouldn’t even have.

H/T [Bearing Arms]

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