If You’re A Conservative, You Can Now Be Banned By GoFundMe — Is This Is Fair?

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GoFundMe is now being accused of banning users who hold conservative points of view. Do you think this is at all fair?

An email sent to conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer by GoFundMe claimed that she violated their terms of service. (Photo Credit: IlLOOMinate Media)

We’ve seen the likes of Facebook and Twitter deliberately silence conservative users by banning their accounts, thereby preventing them from reaching their followers. Now, we can add GoFundMe to the list of companies which are seemingly not above blatantly discriminating against those who do not prescribe to a progressive point of view.

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer has had her GoFundMe page shut down for seemingly no other reason than she is an outspoken conservative. The website sent her an email claiming she had violated their terms of service, but they conveniently failed to mention exactly how she had violated them.

“GoFundMe just BANNED ME for no reason whatsoever,” Loomer wrote on her website. “I had a GoFundMe that was created after I was banned by Twitter for reporting facts so that I could raise money for my legal fees to fight big tech censorship in the court room.”

In an email sent to Loomer on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, GoFundMe said:

“We are writing to inform you that your GoFundMe account has been removed due to a violation of our Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately, our Terms and Conditions, along with strictly enforced policies from the payments industry, prohibit GoFundMe from allowing you to continue raising funds on our site.”

“My ban from GoFundMe comes nearly two weeks after Twitter permanently banned me for posting facts about Sharia Law,” stated Loomer. “Notice how in their email GoFundMe claims I ‘violated their terms of service,’ but they never told me HOW. GoFundMe didn’t give me an example or tell me what exactly they consider to be a ‘violation,'” she furthered.

“This is how people are erased from the Internet,” wrote Loomer. “Less than 24 hours being banned by Twitter, I was also banned by Facebook without any reason for 30 days!” she explained.

“I guess my existence alone is a violation of these big tech companies’ ‘terms of service,'” she continued. “Funny how terrorist organizations like CAIR are allowed to use GoFundMe along with women who make fake rape allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, but I’m not allowed to? My Go Fund Me page was simply raising funds to combat big tech censorship. How is that a violation of Go Fund Me’s terms of service?”

“In case you were wondering, I have now been permanently banned by Twitter, Medium, GoFundMe, Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft, and given a 30 day ban by Facebook more than 4 times this year alone simply because I’m a Conservative,” Loomer went on.

“No. This is not a joke. I’m literally banned from a food delivery app and two of the most popular ride share apps in the world for having Conservative opinions. You’re probably laughing and scratching your head wondering how you get banned from Uber Eats… Well, #MeToo!” she added.

“My only crime is breathing and existing. It’s now a crime to be a conservative in America. The Left is basically signally that they want us to die because they keep making it so that we can’t coexist in society by denying us equal access to services that all other Americans have access to. It’s especially a crime if you’re a Conservative Jew like me,” Loomer noted.

Indeed, this is quite intolerant coming from the political left, which bills itself as being accepting of all lifestyles. In reality, they’re willing to accept anything except a conservative. The thought police are out in full force, and it is a concerning trend.

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