Liberal Heads Explode As Conservative Parents Bring Big Changes To School

Common sense conservatives in Colorado joined together to make a shocking change to their children’s school. After a close vote, liberals heads are exploding since the conservative parents won, and you’re going to love what teachers there can now do.

Thanks to the vote and to the delight of conservatives, the roles of teachers are being expanded. Teachers who meet certain requirements will be charged with special powers to make their schools some of the safest in the country, and while you’re likely to love it, the liberals are sure to hate it.

Stock image of kids playing at school (left), Liberal protesters (right)

After mass shootings at schools have left many Americans scared for their child’s safety, conservative parents in the Hanover School District 28 (Hanover D-28) in El Paso County, Colorado joined together to pass a resolution to allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom. The controversial resolution passed 39-30 and then went on for a vote by the school board.

The school board approved a resolution by a 3 to 2 vote to allow teachers to carry guns in school. To participate, teachers will need to have a concealed carry license, be approved by the board as a security guard, and go through post-certification training with their firearm all before being allowed on campus with a gun. [via Fox21]

Most of these parents are concerned because of marijuana growers in the area and the element it brings to their small town. “It’s more what’s coming into the neighborhoods,” board member Michael Lawson said at the school board meeting, adding that large cultivation marijuana operators have set up shop within a few miles of schools on the rural eastern plains of El Paso County.

El Paso County’s Hanover D-28, which has about 270 students, has never had an attack from an intruder, but the parents are not taking any chances. “[I]t can take emergency vehicles and law enforcement about 30 minutes or more to reach the junior-senior high school,” Superintendent Grant Schmidt explained.

Second Amendment activists (left), “Gun free zone” signs (right) invite those who want to harm kids.

Michael Lawson, a firefighter and National Rifle Association member, said, “The fact that you have a ‘No guns’ sign at your front door is an invitation. Now, we can put up a sign, ‘Some staff at this school may be armed.’ To me, that’s a deterrent.”

Different surveys were conducted, and the liberal answer was to hire a school officer for 55,000 dollars a year. However, this is a rural town with little funding, and it is not mandated that every teacher must carry a gun, but the possibility that teachers could be armed would mean the ridiculous “Gun Free Zone” signs would come down.

Sure, that won’t stop every psychotic person who wants to do harm, but it sure is better than being sitting ducks. Unfortunately, we expect more blowback when the bleeding hearts nationwide find out about this. Their heads will be exploding as they go running toward their safe spaces.

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